Sunday, 28 May 2017

Stop Trying Hard To Please Everyone

I have a confession to make, and I'm doing this because I'm finally able to come clean and be honest with myself. So, what led to this? I have come to realize that I have been trying so hard to please everyone and appeal to people as a good friend (and hopefully a dependable one too). I constantly get on the better side of people, and by doing that, sometimes it works against my natural behavior (and eventually causes a conflict within myself). Sometimes being a diplomatic may seem as a good move to avoid conflict, but in the long run if I don't make decisions for myself because I'm too concerned if others might be offended, I might just lose myself in the process. It's the same advise I'd given to my friends, but somewhat unknowingly I fall victim to the very same scenario too. However, it's gotta stop. 

I am a good friend (probably better than I might imagine, I don't know), I am a good support too, I am opinionated, I am highly versatile, I am multi-talented with vast interest, I do crave for limelight, I love the feeling of winning, I dislike losing but I can accept it, I am very analytical, I do a lot of self reflection (in a matter of time), I feel a lot of emotions on the inside but I am scarily collected and calm on the outside, I can smile in the toughest time because that is the only way I can feel stronger, I often make a joke or a bad pun in serious situations to ease out any tension, I want to be someone's hero one day, and this is who I am.

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