Thursday, 25 May 2017

Night Time is Bright Time

It is this time of night (approx. 1:00AM at the time of writing), that I spend time either learning some new stuff from the Internet (namely YouTube), or reflecting on what has happened earlier in the day or week (depending on how frequent the reflection happens). Yeah, I think a lot at night. Might not come as surprising to many people, since there are many out there who are like me.

It's funny (or weird) how only night time I feel at ease or at peace with my thoughts and that I can truly get things sorted out. I tend to be able to think better with an unbiased mindset and make certain life decisions. Yup, I make my decisions and choices after putting in some thoughts and risk calculation (or rather gut feel) there.

In fact, if I'm not too tired from all the work during the day, and the learning in the night, I can even continue my work or plan the work for the following day. It's not that I love the work or am a workaholic, it's just that I think it'll make life easier that way for myself. After all, I have the capacity to do so - stretch the limits right? Hahaha.

Many don't know or don't appreciate how important it is to do personal reflection (be it a particular day or time of day). I've learned much from my past experiences and others, that taking a step back to reflect back on what I've done and spending quality time with myself allows me to "observe" what went wrong and what went right, how did the interaction with someone else went, how do I feel about certain matters and why did I have feel that way. These are very important elements in every day life that many of us tend to miss out as we brisk through the days busily to achieve our goals.

My nights felt very bright, perhaps even brighter than day light itself, because I can see the "light" at the end of the tunnel after reviewing things. Sometimes, I managed to find the answers I'm looking for, sometimes I ended up with more questions. Sometimes, I recalled of certain past memories, while there are many other times I think of the possible future based on my current circumstances. There are even times I missed people who are at a distance, but I'll also look forward to meeting like-minded friends who I've yet to befriend. See how bright it is yet? =D

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