Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Web Blog Article Got Published!

Well, technically only Part 1 of 2-parts blog was published. Still, it is an #achievementunlocked! So, what happened was I submitted my draft, had it reviewed and was corrected a few times over. Only took forever for that to end. Hahaha just kidding! It was a few times bouncing back and forth between myself and the reviewer. Once done, it was marked as ready for publishing and when the date arrived, it went online - on the corporate web forum! *omg so excited!*

The feedback those who read it were very encouraging! Of course, none of this would be possible if I hadn't had support from my friends and colleagues. Willing to try is one thing, having the courage to see it through is another. Oh, I can't wait for my second part to be published too!

Let me see if I can get permission to upload my web blog here, once both parts are out on the corporate forum! Hehe =D

P/s: I'm also writing a personal piece. Hint: It's about heroes! (but don't get your hopes too high on it!)

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