Sunday, 11 December 2016

10122016 Friendsmily Steamboat House

It's been a long while since I went to a steamboat house, and was grateful to be invited by FoodInk to Friendsmily Steamboat House (FSH) to try out some of their menu!

First, a little background on the place. While it's recently opened (Nov '15), the main business is actually from Kingfisher Seafood Mart (KSM) who has been in the business of selling fresh and frozen seafood. You can actually buy the seafood from KSM and have FSH cook it for you. How cool is that?! However, there'll be surcharge if you require them to steam is a specific manner (you'll find out more when you're there!)

Not sure if there was a label error, but I kinda thought this was snails

Up close shot

This is one mean crab, I tried to get closer, and it reacted to me (like all the time!)
Thank goodness its pincers were tied up, else I'd be needing 911, lol

the prawns are super active!

Here's a short video of them.
Something's caught their attention?

Surcharge for steaming the seafood.
This is what I mentioned earlier.

Had a good tour around the KSM, and I must say the prices here are very good compared to the local supermarkets! I'm definitely interested in coming back to get some stuff, especially the scallops and seafood tofu! After the tour, went back to FSH to find that lots of food prepared!

CHECK IT OUT!! We've got all the good stuff yo!
Don't think I'll need to spell out the items on the table.
Take a look for yourself!

Close up shots

This here is the Wintermelon Pot.
Honestly while this looks absolutely stunning, I didn't think it's practical at all.
We had a tough time to cook the ingredients and to scoop them up.
But was it any good? It's darn AWESOME!
Love the taste!
If it wasn't any hassle, I'd reckon this is hands-down-you-must-try!

In case you're wondering what's on the other pot,
it's the 1/2 Plain Soup and 1/2 Sweet Corn Tomato Drumstick Pot
They're nice and tasty, but I'd still prefer the soup in the Wintermelon pot

Camera "eat" first.
Many of the FoodInkers were busy capturing the food

I figured I might as well so something too!

Seafood Pan Besar (Talapia)
This is one heck of a meal!
You get mussles, scallops, prawns, abalone slices, sotong, clams, and of course the talapia fish too!
You can check out the prices below and for more info.

They've even got some menu packages which includes Yong Tau Fu !
Sweet deals!

Close up shots

Capture of the menu listing for you! =)

Another shot of the Wintermelon Pot with lots of food in it!

Even caught a video for you!

If you're into fresh seafood, then there's a good recommendation for you! You can get some grocery shopping done, and optionally eat them immediately after purchase! Hahaha.

Friendsmily Steamboat House
No.7-1 & 9-1,
Jalan Damai Perdana 6/1B,
Bandar Damai Perdana, 56000 Cheras

Contact: 03-91079374

Note: Kingfisher Seafood Mart, is just below it. 
Don't miss the chance to check them out too while you're there!

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