Friday, 9 September 2016

Train to Busan: Top 5 Flaws


Love it or hate it? I LOVE IT! But I won't be talking what I love about it. I think it's pretty obvious if you googled out or read the reviews about it. Honestly, I'd suggest you to just watch it - like go buy a movie ticket for whatever next screening available for you!

Well, I don't do vlogs, as I'm a nervous-wreck in front of cameras, so this will be in a written form instead. If you don't like it, there's always the X button at the top right of the tab/window. Feel free to comment below on your thoughts about the movies, or if you found more flaws about the movie.

**Beware of Spoiler Alert**

#5 First Zombie Onboard!

Saw how the first zombie got onboard the train without anyone noticing? The Train Attendant didn't feel anyone moving behind him, or the loud stump the person-before-turned-into-zombie made? As the person-before-turned-into-zombie was "its" way trough the carriage, no one felt suspicious at all? That's one super effective biological weapon there!

#4 Zombie's Nature

The zombies are portrayed to be highly sensitive to noise, and they react at the sight of a human. They have poorer sensitivity to light as compared to humans, therefore in very dim light, they are not able to detect humans. How do instinctively detect human? Not by smell nor heat senses definitely, otherwise all the human characters would have been long dead.

#3 The Escape Plan

I get that they want to go to somewhere safe. But, it's not really a battle against time so why the rush? They had already identify the zombie's reaction to human sight, available light and sound. One of the main character (before he turned into a zombie and jump off the train) was able to calm down to figure out the routing of the train and plan their way through the carriages to get the other survivors. Shouldn't he also be able to come out with a plan to hide away from plain sight? There are a lot of materials to build a cloak-like cover.

#2 Evil IS Dumb AF

Trying to get rid of some people because they might be a threat, is an naturally acceptable act of fear. But why would you lock them in a safer location than where you're at, and not put yourself there in the first place? Let's do a quick recap. There are 3 carriages, in an orderly manner, at this point of context: A. Carriage with Zombies, B. Carriage with survivors, C. Carriage with outcasted survivors. (C is furthest away from A, while B is just after A) See the picture now? So, ladies and gentlemen, here's the unexpected outcome! The evil "geniuses" were busy securing the joint-point of carriage B&C, instead of fortifying the joint-point of carriage A&B. Thus, allowing a suicidal old lady to bring a WTF-moment into the story!

#1 It Ain't Safe Until The Young Lady Sings!

The golden moment goes to the young girl who sang at the ending moment, indirectly signaling to the military personnel that she and the pregnant lady were in no doubt humans. So the billion dollar question is: Who taught/told her to sing for safety? I'm assuming she knew (or someone knew) that it's safe to sing! Like we didn't already know that sound attracts zombie, regardless of light's presence. The young girl knew it was her fatal mistake that contributed to her dad turning into a zombie, and by any means, anyone with that experience would remain silent after a long and loud cry. Even the military was covertly operating as silently and distantly from the gate as possible. Mind blowing instinct she has, doesn't she!

And there you have, the Top 5 Flaws of the hottest Korean movie in town, Train To Busan!
Feel free to leave your comments below on your thoughts about the movie!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mozzie Repellant, Made with Young Living Essential Oils

Just collected my package from Mama Pam (ok that's what I call her, but you shall call her Pamela or Pam for short). As soon as I saw her post on the mozzie (mosquito) repellant, I was intrigued by the idea! It was the perfect gift for my sis, since my sis now works in Singapore (and we all know about the Zika virus).

Mama Pam's someone who's very quick to take action. I was just commenting on her post at FB, and she sent me WhatsApp messages with details about the mozzie repellant. I know her and trust her recommendations (even back when she was blogging, I could rely on her taste for good things). And there, I was sold! Ordered myself a spray bottle with a refill pack.

Now, before I show you the good stuff, I must give yet another compliment to Mama Pam. When she quoted me the goods, she had forgotten that she quoted me based on slightly above the costing price (that's almost bare minimum profit). When she came to realize it, she was honest with me, but yet she didn't demand the extras. Now, I shop a lot online, especially from product distributors and many in this case would have apologized but request me to top up (and we're strangers before those transactions are made). So, here's a perfect example of an honest and nice entrepreneur!

Yes, I'm pulling both her legs; I wondering if I can get discount from future purchases, hahahaha. Just kidding Mama Pam! I'll continue to support your business with discount or not!

Nevertheless, what's said above is nothing short of the truth =)

Alright, so here's what the items look like:

To me!
The package looks simple and nice!

Here's my spray bottle with the refill pack!

For more info, please contact Pam Song at

Source: Pam Song's FB

I took a couple of sprays on my hands, and I instantly took liking to the scent of the spray! When Mama Pam told me "This repellant smells divine", she isn't kidding! After I showered, I sprayed my my whole body with it! And ya know what?!  I SMELL GOOOOOD~~! Got my mum curious about the fragrance too!

OK I just remembered that this package is actually a gift for my sis! Oops!I better get one for myself instead!

If you're getting yourself some mozzie repellants, get this! Worth the bucks, I tell you! And also support Mama Pam =D

Oh ya, another tips, the mozzie repellants can be coupled as droppers to your water based air purifier, because they're 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Let the divinity scent spread everywhere!

More info MOZZIE REPELLANT pricing:

  • 2oz Premix with spray bottle - RM25
  • 5ml refill - RM50
    * Just drop 30 drops into the spray bottle each time and fill with distilled water (should be able to refill 3x)
  • 15ml refill - RM130
    * Just drop 30 drops into the spray bottle each time and fill with distilled water (should be able to refill 9x)

For more info, please contact Pam Song at

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Belated Birthday Gift from Sis!

Was quite surprised by my sis, when she got me a belated birthday gift! Well, if you know me well enough, you'd probably already know that I don't celebrate my birthday and neither I do fancy birthday gifts for myself.

So, yeah I am surprised by my sis, even though I don't quite express it in anyway. Here's my way of saying thanks to my sis!

Thank you my darling sister!
A very thoughtful gift!

Guy has gotta always smell good!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Negotiation, A Success Or Failed?

I'm not sure whether the negotiation was done right, and whether or not the result is correct or otherwise. I'll "show" ya in the stories below and you be the judge of it.

Disclaimer: Below is not the exact context of the conversion, but just an extract and simplification of the actual scenario. This author is not responsible for any conclusion which the audience interpret from the context.

Scenario #1: "Negotiation" for extension of task duration

A: I need these (documents) to be signed off within 2 weeks.
Me: 2 weeks?! But this looks like a 4 weeks work! Cannot extend the timeline?
A: I know it's tight, but you need to plan it out and then send out portion by portion for reviewing and to be signed off
Me: Huh? So, rush!
A: OK, like this, you do this set first within the 2 weeks, and then you do and send the other set, in the following week OK?
Me: Err, OK?
A: OK!

So, did I manage to get a time extension? Or did I just managed to get "extra" work?
Note: I thought I only needed to do the first set, and the second set at a much later time.

Scenario #2: "Negotiation" for delegation of work

B: Eh, saw from your email that you needed these (pictures/images) from my guy?
Me: Yup, as mentioned in the email, I require them to send some samples over to my clients.
B: It looks like a lot of work needed for my guy. FYI, my guy currently is tied up with several projects to come out with the designs too. Do you really need them ah?
Me: *whut?* Ya, I need them. Actually, my team needs them because we don't have the expertise to come out with it. I understand your guy is busy, that's why I outlined the direction and hopefully it can be done by next week.
B: Cannot la, to do this from that, requires a lot of time, and we simply don't have that time.
Me: Err, OK. How about your guy work on 2-3 images instead of the whole set? The most important part is this Image1, Image2 and Image3. I'll try and work something out, but I'll need to have the raw files to work out the rest from there.
B: So, don't need the whole set, but just 2-3 right? And the rest you do your magic, ya?
Me: I guess and hope so. But I need them in order to do something.
B: We'll try and see first if can deliver that by next week to you.

So, did I manage to get someone to help me to do the work? Or did I just managed to get "extra" work onto my own hands?
Note: I thought I only had to inform the person to help me, as instructed.

I'm confused. Did I do well in the negotiation?