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30072016 M136 Coffee House, Taman Maluri

Returning to action with fellow FoodInkers, and this time we've got something special besides the food!

Warmly invited by M136 Coffee House, to have a try at some of their existing and new menus. It's nice and cozy place to be at (personally, I don't mind spending my whole day there). I had some time to explore the place while waiting for the others to arrive.

As much as I want to show you how the whole place look like, my phone does not actually perform well in low-light. And I don't want to spoil it entirely for you! You should come check it out!

Note: Pay attention to the bottom two pictures in the image above 

It was terrible jam on the day itself, most probably due to the constructions in the surrounding area. It took me an hour or more to reach this place, where I could have easily arrived within 20 minutes at normal times. One thing to note is that the parking here is scarce! If it wasn't for Stella, I wouldn't have gotten myself such a good spot. Honestly, felt like a VIP then *thumbs up for Stella!*

We were treated to starters, mains and desserts! M136 Coffee House was so generous! *so touched*

Creamy Smokey Salmon Pasta (top right)

Spaghetti Pastora (bottom right)

I enjoyed the salmon pasta. While the creamy sauce wasn't thick as I hoped it would be, the salmon flavor was good enough to forget about it. I would say it looks as good as it taste =)

As for the pastora, although I didn't taste the identity of the pasta, it surely is a very filling one! I would surely like to exchange the thickness of the sauce here with the salmon pasta! That being said, I believe they are still improving and will only get better! So do give this a try!

M136 Big Breakfast

Honestly, this looks way better than the picture in the menu! Hahaha, and it taste great! The portioning is just nice for 1 hungry person in the morning, or for a couple who'd like share brunch while trying out another item! Brilliant!

Butter Chicken

Mmm, I love the combination of the butter chicken and the wedges! The added spice into the sauce isn't spicy, but yet it's so delicious that I wish there was more that I could dip the wedges into the sauce! The addition of the salad ensures you have at least some vegetables to go along with this meal!

Ice Cola Coffee
RM7.90 (price might have changed)

Recommended by Stella for a refreshing taste of Coffee-flavored Rootbeer! Weird? Not at all, I actually find it very nice! It's coffee + coke! The combination is a whole new world! Check out the video below!

Mozarella Pork Chop

Seriously, it's one grand meal! Imagine a thick pork chop, now stuff it with mozarella, and voila! It's simple, it's amazing! Now, why am I not finding this a common menu in other restaurants??!! This is definitely a calling for subsequent visits!

Gourmet Salmon

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better! A big piece/chunk of salmon just landed on the table (well, chair if you're referring to the pictures)! Looks simple, but taste brilliant! Especially for the price! It's very tough to not order this again next time, after tasting this!

Smoothies (mix of dragon fruit and banana)

Recommended by the house. Didn't know these two go so well, creating a rich creamy texture of dragon fruit with slight taste of banana. Thankfully the taste of banana was just nice, without overwhelming the dragon fruit.

Durian Cheese Cake

Durian Brulee

Freshly made with supply of musang king from local durian plantation, these two desserts are to die for (especially if you're a durian lover). Hands down to the king of all cheese cakes and brulee! =D The sweet scent of the musang king can be smelled all over the room, as soon as its refrigerator doors are slide open! One bite into either one of them, makes you go "Ooo, ahhhh, wahhh~~~" So sinful yet so good! It's been nearly a week, and I still can't get over their taste!

Berry-Berry with Ice Cream

Caution: Do not order this after Durian Cheese Cake / Brulee.

Thankfully, I had calmed my excited taste buds to carefully enjoy this dessert! Love the waffles, and I wished I had eaten them sooner, before they were cold. It looks like a puzzle piece, and I love taking a berry, a slice of strawberry, and a small portion waffle with some ice cream on it, into a mouthful bite! Yums!

This place is the place to go to for a hearty meal, amazingly appetizing and delectable dishes for a reasonable price without breaking your wallet! The staff/crew are very accommodating and friendly. The place is very cozy - it's especially nice to dine at when the outdoor's weather too much for you. Only downside that I can find about this place is the location and parking availability - for now, it's in the middle of a medium-heavy traffic area (due to construction) and it's not easy to find an parking spot (unless you don't mind walking quite a distance). This is definitely a must-try place if you haven't already tried it!

M136 Coffee House,
136 Jalan Jejaka 1, Taman Maluri,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 9AM to 9PM

Oh ya! M136 Coffee House is offering different workshops for kids and adults, including coffee, desserts, baking, and cooking workshop. For more information, you can contact to:

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