Tuesday, 26 July 2016

23072016 U Pizzeria, USJ 21

Today, I and along with several FoodInkers were invited for a pizza review, at U Pizzeria! You might have heard of the place if you're in or from USJ area. They're even enlisted on FoodPanda!

So, before going to the good stuffs, we've learned a thing or two about U Pizzeria. They've taken the extra mile on top of researching and experimenting with recipes from US and Italy, to fusing our local taste into them pizzas! Forget the conventional Aloha Pizza (which they do serve), say hello to Musang King infused pizza! The guys in the kitchen of U Pizzeria ensure that their ingredients are only of the freshest and highest quality! Best part? It's not that all expensive, and in fact it's rather reasonable if you ask me.

So, let's get on with the food, shall we?!

BBQ Chicken Wings (4pcs)

Honey flavored is optional, at the same price. These wings are great to kick start your appetite!
I wasn't that all hungry, until I had one of them wings.
Wish there were honey flavored wings for trying, but that's asking too much =P

Garlic Bread Stick

These are much than Pizza Hut's but they could still be better if they are stronger garlic taste.
I prefer them with an overdose of garlic flavoring, but that's just me.

U Seafood Bonanza
RM16.00 (Personal), RM35.00 (Regular), RM47.00 (Large)

This is what I would call a seafood-happy pizza! Look at them ingredients! So yummilicious!
Would have been better if the fresh salmon had a stronger tang to it, then I would not have second thoughts on getting second rounds for this!

U Durian Delight
RM16.00 (Personal), RM35.00 (Regular), RM47.00 (Large)

Now this is the almighty pizza that captured my attention from the very first sounds of hearing "Musang King infused durian"!! On top of that, it's with CHEESE!! Lots of CHEESE!! To let you have a visual perception of what I'm talking about, behold ...

Look at the cheeeeeeeeeeeeese ~~~!

Sambal Api
RM11.90 (Personal), RM26.90 (Regular), RM35.90 (Large)

Take sambal and put it onto a pizza, and you get ... a VERY SPICY Pizza! Very suitable especially to those with a knack for spicy food. I was sweating badly with only one slice, but another FoodInker was adding tabasco to it! I look at it and say "CHALLENGE .... nah, another time." Don't judge me!

U Mexicana
RM16.00 (Personal), RM35.00 (Regular), RM47.00 (Large)

I didn't try this, so not much of a comment for this pizza. It's only because they have jalapeno in it! I was like "ARE YOU MAD?!" but then again the other FoodInker was drowning his slices with tabasco, so I kept quiet like a little good boy.

Meat Delight
RM11.90 (Personal), RM26.90 (Regular), RM35.90 (Large)

Beefycheesilicious! If you like lots of cheese with your beef, then this is it! Unless you have a super big appetite, I believe for a single pax, a personal serving is more than enough to tame your hunger!

Alright, so that's all! We didn't manage to try every single menu in U Pizzeria, but we've gotten a taste at some of their best sellers, and I must say, it's surely a must to give their pizzas a try! And I'm not saying this because the guys at U Pizzeria were nice to us. Don't buy my word for it, give them a shot!

A big thanks to FoodInk to the session. Here's a group picture of us!
Due to short term memories, I've already forgotten most of everyone's name in the picture.
But you'll be seeing them around on the Internet, so no worries =)

Before I let you all go, here's some close up of the pizzas again!

23, Jalan USJ 21/11,
Subang Jaya,
47630 Selangor

Operation Hours:
Mon - Sun 11AM - 10PM

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