Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day My Love!

Isn't the first one I spend without my girlfriend by my side (well, there's always that one "girl" that I always spend it with, and that is my mum =P ), but this year didn't feel that way. Though she's hundreds of kilometres across the sea, it felt as if she was just around the corner. I guess it helps on the constant texting and the feeling I have for her =)

I looked back at the pictures we took over the past few months, and I had the same thoughts as I did much earlier in our relationship - It felt as if we've known each other for a long while. While I won't dare to say that I'm all perfect, but what I'm very sure of, is that I've gotten better since I knew her.

Disclaimer: The below context is not suitable for those who are unable to handle cheesiness, or the chills that it may or may not give to the viewers. The context is solely for the purpose of expressing the author's feelings towards the intended recipient, the author's better half. Please refrain from feeling distress, anxious, jelly, or heartache.

If I could rate myself, I would say I'm a 9 out of 10.
'Cause you're the only 1 I need to be a 10.

♥    ♥♥♥♥♥    ♥♥♥

You're my ☀, ☁, ☂,
and likewise, I'll be yours too! 
We're JnJ ✖ 2
Wish we'll always be together during our ↑'s and ↓'s
You're like the in my universe!
You help to make things ✔ when they are  
You turn my (T_T) or (>_<) into (^▽^)

Happy Valentine's my sweetheart, my Supermin!