Saturday, 24 October 2015

Our Times - Possibly The Best Couple Movie of All Time

I'm not quite the type to watch a movie of which its language I'm not familiar with, but after hearing a few of my friends opinion about it. I decided to watch it and figured that she might like it too. So, I told her to make time, because we're gonna watch after work.

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Watching the movie at first, I was being skeptical with thoughts of how could such a movie be that good. The introduction was alright, but the turning point for it is when they went back into time. The longer I watch, the more I like it and I paid much more attention to the characters portraying the emotions. They were very genuine.

Without realizing much, I was turning more emotional and nostalgic. I could relate to almost every part of the movie, especially on the part where it showed about high school activities. Even included the puppy love, which I'm sure almost everyone I know would have had some experienced in it (otherwise, they pretty much didn't have a life back then =P ).

Towards the end, I had mixed feelings of joy, sorrow and touched feelings. After a while, I was overwhelmed and I couldn't hold back my manly tears, and let it go... I was also surprised by the special casting by some really unexpected actors! All I can say is bravo to the director and producer of this movie! The cast were also amazing!

This movie, Our Times, is a definitely must-watch movie!

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