Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Better One of Us

When she told me about how she felt with the way I talked with her, I realized that I should pay more attention to what I say, and how I said it. Sometimes the words I used have 'thorns' and they sting a lot. Words are more crucial as they 'beat' us and sometimes stay very long, in our emotional wavelength. Unlike physical wounds, the scaring from emotional wounds are very hard to heal.

I only knew how much it hurts to be on the receiving side, when I heard her sharing how she felt. At that time, I realized just how much of a jerk I am. Gratefully, she's someone who's better at understanding situation than I am. She knew I must be very stressed to be that way. She even knew that I'm the type that can't sleep well knowing that there's something unresolved or left unclear. So, she messaged me when she felt better (that's the best way to communicate right?) to clear things up. Knowing what went wrong, instantly gave me a sense of relief and at the same time, allowed me to think things through better. No, I didn't managed to sleep well because when I do something terribly wrong, naturally I can't sleep at all (it's like a curse, an atonement of which I must pay for, for a terrible act).

All this while, I thought I was rather good at communicating. But I think she's the better one. Between the both of us, she'll voice out when things aren't right. Sometimes, too straight out with me (like no-mercy kind of voice), LOL. I might not like it all the times, but I know it's necessary, and because of that I love her even more.

Oh something interesting which she told me - she's a Gemini. I don't usually indulge myself in horoscope, zodiac or superstitious kind of things, but when it comes to her, whatever information given, I'll put it to good use. So, then I went and research a little more about it. And guess what, it states that Gemini are the better communicators. Of course, there are many other things to read up about as well. The only other thing that caught my eye was that Leo & Gemini are awesome partners! =P I read enough, and that's all I need for now =D

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