Sunday, 26 July 2015

25072015 Big Bang Concert in Malaysia!

It's finally concert day! After the long wait, we're finally going to see Big Bang live in person! And even better, Min & I won ourselves sound-check passes (means we get to see them do a rehearsal before the main event!) OMGOSH! Never have I been this lucky!! Amazingly I didn't expect myself to be this excited!

Because of the sound-check passes, Min & I had to be there early to collect them. When we got there, there were quite a number of people at the venue already. Talk about being early, lol.

Take a good look at it =D

Min's excited about it! 

Queuing up for the sound-check! 

Wait there's another queue... for the subway! 

And then another queue within the stadium, just outside the stage area. 

Finally, we got in.
However, Min and I got separated, so we were standing at different places. 

While I looked for me, I had to selfie first.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance! 

Panoramic view of how it looks like from front to back. 

Big Bang appears on stage! 

Look at all the pretty lights! This is just a small part of what's to be expected from their later on.

Seungri being very sporting, allowing us to take close up pictures of him! 

Taeyang too! See him posing there? xD 

The sound-check only lasted about 15-20 minutes?!!
And I finally found Min. It is a must to take a selfie again! 
Hehe =D

Banana Chocolate 'pancake'
I got quite hungry but had no idea what I want to eat (besides the buns which I had bought much earlier in the morning). Saw this unique looking food, and ordered myself one of it.

Then, it was time for us to go into the concert stage area.
Again, this is not to be missed! =D

Panoramic view from where we were seated.
We were actually very close to the stage! 

Showtime baby!

Showing off Min's lightstick!

They're not only good looking, but their performance is amazing! 

G-Dragon style!


The 'bridge' actually separates and combines again!

G-Dragon peace sign!

Big Bang

Tae Yang

We: Min & I




The concert experience is indescribable. Dae-bak! Even that word doesn't come close to expressing how I felt after the concert. I was more than excited, amazed, happy, thrilled and hungry. So, naturally the first thing I wanted to do is to get some food for the both of us.

Went to Cafe Korea in Sri Petaling and ordered us some delightful light bites =)

Fried Chicken (honey coated)

Kimchi Pancake (new item)

Cheese Sticks (looks like popiah stuffed with cheese)

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