Sunday, 21 June 2015

20062015 Kiran & Terri's Wedding by the Beach

The first ever beach wedding that I'd attended, and what's better, it's my close buddy, Terri's wedding! A beautiful ceremony accompanied with wonderful weather, nothing could top this (well, unless, of course, if the location is set somewhere in Australia, lol)

The panoramic view of Thistle's Pool

The wedding itinerary

There were even kite playing, I barely managed to capture a picture with the kite in it.

I love this board!

I can't tell you how awesome this aisle is facing the beach.
The beach breeze made it even better!

Aren't the kids adorable?

The bridesmaid has the widest smile! A few of the guys were even chatting about her...
"That girl is pretty!"
"Is she single?"

And finally the bride has arrived! Accompanied by her dad.
Terri looks stunningly beautiful!

Kiran and Terri are a funny yet amazingly a match made in heaven!
They did this pose for the wedding kiss!

This was the time of "Tying the Everlasting Knot"

We had our dinner by the beach and infinity pool side.
The view of the place, is eye captivating!

They had the traditional mother-son and father-daughter

This is how I looked after many cups of red wine
(but I think it was bottles instead of cups)

This is a must to take a #wefie with the newly wedded!

We proceeded with the after-party drinks back at the bride and groom's room!

Thanks to Terri & Kiran, I met some new awesome friends!
All the way from San Francisco and Manila!

Look at the food we still had by the end of the night!
Had a fantastic time, that's for sure!

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