Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Made A Crazy Decision & Offer

I'm no fan of big concert nor do I fancy helping others to manage their finances. But, just somehow last night I made two surprising decisions. Friends who knows me would definitely doubt if it was for real. My family would think I'd gone crazy if they knew about it.

#1 I'm going for Big Bang World Tour Concert in Malaysia.
#2 I offered to create a Fixed Deposit placement account for someone.

Sounds crazy, right? But I guess it's a good crazy =) Haven't felt that sort of adrenaline-rush-like excitement. It's almost the same as the few other things I decided and went through with it much earlier this year - Singapore trip (Dec '15), Bangkok (Jan '16) and Koh Lipe (May '16). For someone who hasn't traveled (as vacation, rather than business trip) much in his lifetime, to suddenly have more than 1 planned for 2015-2016. I'm amazed myself.

This new self of mine, I'm liking it =)