Saturday, 2 May 2015

I've Fallen In Love

Words just can't describe how I feel at this moment. To think that I've actually talked about this since a long time, but at last I'm in this position. I've told so many friends how to go about it, that I thought it would be an easy-peasy thing for myself. I'll didn't expect myself to have a racing heart and fluttery stomach.

I didn't know at first, but with time I realize I had some feelings towards her and along the way the feelings grew stronger. We work together, ate together, we hung out together, we shopped together, we watched movies together. In a short period of time, we're pretty good friends. I think we could share a lot of things and not judge each other about it. We've got some pretty neutral opinion on things. What she liked, when shared with me, mostly I'll like it too - similar taste in most areas, whether it's food, music, ideas, or travel plans. Of course, there are somethings she doesn't like, but I like and vice versa too. Those are minor stuff. What's interesting is that, even the types of friends we have seem to be similar as well. We talked about our own friends (her own, and mine) and found out that while they are different individuals, they're practically the same type!

Initially, I thought coincidence was the keyword and that was all to it. Think it through again, there's just too many coincidence to be true. And in the course of knowing her, I noticed that I've changed, in a good way of course. But not because I wanted to, but somehow it was a natural change in which happened to me. I'm pretty much a boring person who only knew how to work - ask me anything about fun, and you'll probably get a list of things to do (that I've researched on the Internet prior to that; could even be outdated). I didn't think of traveling then, I didn't think of living life to the fullest (I sure say that, but I didn't fully understand the "quantum physics" of it). I started wanting more (besides the career advancement and financial freedom) of live. And moreover, I wanted to do with her.

She's special in so many ways. Her smiles and eyes are definitely mesmerizing (for my eyes only btw =P). Her laughs are hilarious. While she maybe a little blur in many things, she's very smart. It's only the things that she's not familiar with, that requires a little more time to get used to (I'm sure it's the same for all of us). She's by far the most neutral person I know. She doesn't take sides and is pretty logical too. She's very independent and resourceful. Most girls (and guys too!) I know will rely on others to get things done, without giving it much try. She would at least try her best before calling for help. She's simple-minded but not one to be easily fooled either - not that easy to get her. But like me, she's not too good with emotions; thankfully, she knows how to get by it. Looking at her, my worries go away. If I sway a little, somehow just chatting with her, gets me back on track.

Without knowing when it started, my first thoughts of the day were her and my last thoughts of the day, well you've guessed it, her too. I don't usually bother about my phone after office hours, but in the recent months it bothers me to check it whenever a message comes it - "woot it's her! *reply*" I'm not obsessed, but knowing that she's alright somewhat gives me a sense of relief. When she's sick, sometimes I get "affected" too. So, I made sure I'm alright and at the same time go to her aide. I felt the need to be by her side whenever she's unwell, in pain or just unfit to do much things, and it annoys me that I couldn't because, err, well, we're not together. I voluntarily offered to do many things (not something you'll see of me) with and for her, without even realizing it until it is done. When she's feeling very cold, I would want to hold her hands and hug her tightly.When she's not smiling, I start to wonder why - even though I know, sometimes she's just stoning away. With most people I would always want to be right, but with her, I somewhat naturally give in for her. 

Without a doubt, I've fallen in love. Like never before.

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