Saturday, 23 May 2015

Her Tears Makes My Heart Shatter

When I saw her cry for the first time, I couldn't do anything else besides comforting her with words and a soft pat on her head. That very moment when I saw her eyes filled with tears, my heart was like a mirror that cracked. As soon as those tears flowed down her cheeks, my heart fell apart. But I couldn't allow myself to cry along, because I wanted to make her feel better. And so, while I silently cried in my heart, I smiled to her and told her it's ok. Took a while, but I guess she really needed to get her tears out.

There was another time when she cried beside me, my head went blank and my heart trembled in fear. I was talking as usual, but she was quiet all along. Could it be I said or did something wrong? I might be a little insensitive at times or careless with my words. Then, I saw her shedding tears and I panicked. I was driving and we were heading for dinner. At that instance, I wanted to pull over to the side to ensure that she was OK, but it wasn't until several kilometres away that I found a safe spot with less vehicles. She was still silent. I thought of nothing else, and my immediate reaction was to hug her. I don't know what was wrong, but I wanted to ensure her that everything will be alright. After a while, she told me that she was just feeling very stressed up. A sense of relief came to me, knowing that she felt much better after crying. At that moment I realized that though she maybe strong on the outside, she's also vulnerable and fragile on the inside. Thereafter, I knew and was very sure of one thing - that I wanted to be there for her, whenever she cries, to comfort (and to protect) her in anyway I can.

Her tears are not a sign of weakness, not at all to me. Rather it was a sign that she needed help or maybe even someone there. I want to fill up that spot (and make sure no one else does =P ). Because the thought of her crying alone, breaks my heart.

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