Sunday, 17 May 2015

17052015 Free Skin Analysis and Facial Treatment by Citibank and New York Skin Solutions, The Curve

Thanks to Citibank Malaysia and New York Skin Solutions (NYSS) for offering me a one-time free skin analysis and one-time facial treatment session. Perks of being a new and lucky cardholder, I guess. I grabbed my chance at obtaining free stuff. I'm a believer of "It's a sin if you don't take what's given, especially when it's not free."

While NYSS may not be the cheapest solution around for skin troubles, I must say they're very patient and quite good at scheduling. I made my appointment but had to reschedule because of last minute agenda. Nevertheless, the lady representative from NYSS was kind enough to follow up with me and remind me from time to time. I only managed to make time to pay them a visit, 1 month after making my first appointment. Talk about patience! The representative didn't have to do it, because she doesn't really have anything to gain from it - It's free, and I had told her, I'll be going only because it's free. So, I was quite impressed. Representatives play a huge role in upholding the image of the company, and she did a really good job.

However, while the representative may be top notch, the personnel at NYSS, The Curve, wasn't that all good at their service. I mean they deliver what they mentioned, but that's it. I felt no warmth from their greetings, no courtesy to their service, and no follow up whatsoever on what's going on. It was very robotic - just Q&A, then head to the room, get the treatment, and get out. Minimal explanation on facial condition, failure to provide detailed answer on questions regarding skin care and best practices (except telling me that it's best to get treated at their center earlier). It didn't really tick me off, as I understand free sessions don't profit them, but even if I had the slightest interest in their products, I'd turn away because of their services. One thing I could clearly remember was how one of the personnel explained to me the treatment plans, with almost zero enthusiasm. Gosh, I get it. It's expensive, I might not even be able to afford it. But don't I at least deserve, "Sir, did you enjoy your session earlier? How does your skin feel after the session?" or something along those lines.

Nevertheless, I appreciate what Citibank Malaysia and NYSS has done for me. They even gave me a travel kit to go home with. Happy me! =D

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