Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dinner at Min's Place

There's nothing better than homemade food, especially if it's by your loved ones. Tonight's menu is Lotus Soup and Greens (I'm terrible at vegetable names, I don't even know what I ate, lol). Very healthy indeed. I'm no good in the kitchen, unless it's something I'm familiar with. So rather than being a bother, I stood outside and wait like a good boy. Of course, I helped to prepare the table and so on, but I was still curious how she was doing in the kitchen. Did I mentioned before how breezy her kitchen is? You'll feel like you're at the beach with a constant strong wind blowing! Oops, sorry I digressed. Anyways, I took a peep into the kitchen and I just felt super lucky...

She's carefully slicing the lotus.
It's nothing new for her.
It's everything new for me! 

And after a while, dinner is served!
Mmm, they're quite plain, but knowing that she made it for us,
it's so tasty within added salt, pepper or other ingredients!

The evening couldn't be better than this!

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