Friday, 8 May 2015

08052015 Dinner at Ikea Damansara

Wondering where to eat to dinner tonight, I made a bold decision to dine at Ikea. The place is known for a lot of people when it comes to food. I remembered when it first started operations, the food price was very cheap. Now, with the hike in prices everywhere, they've only marginally increased their price. Of course, I'd be tagging Min along, she'd be the perfect partner for this sort of impromptu decision for dinner!

Ya, we helped ourselves to quite a fair bit of food. 

Fried Chicken Wings.
The wings are crispy and nice! Just the way we like them!

Salmon with Lemon Dips
The salmon portion is quite big. Those dark round things are potatoes actually.

Open Face Shrimp Sandwich
Don't ask me what's Open Face Shrimp. 
I actually forgotten name of the sandwich,
so I referred to the receipt, and that's what it states. 

Popiah aka Springroll

It was definitely stomach-filling for the both of us. It wasn't too costly either. So we're both rather satisfied with our dinner tonight =)

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