Wednesday, 20 May 2015

520, I love You

520 on the surface is a number, but if you google that out, you'll find that it has another meaning. In Mandarin, 520 would mean I Love You. I'm not into all these, and my friends can tell you all about it. So for me to be aware about, means I did some homework of my own, lol.

You'd probably think this is going to be a mushy-lovey-dovey post, and I'd like to think that too myself. Embarrassingly, I missed out on saying those 3 words. Not because I forgot the date. Well, actually I remembered it, but it slipped my mind when my focus on something else. What was that something else? I think the question would be WHO instead of what =)

I had it planned out well - dinner, brisk walk, the movie and then the magical words, hahaha. They sort of came through, just wasn't what I had expected.

Originally, was supposed to take her to a nice cafe for dinner, but it turned out to be dinner from the hawker stall, due to last minute office work that I had to rush for. Did the best I could to complete my work so that we would have some time to walk around before movie starts. We were able to arrive at the mall about 30-40 minutes before the movie starts, thankfully. She wanted to look around, and I suggested maybe, just maybe we might be able to find the purse that she's been looking for. There isn't a specific brand or design she's looking, just something that will fit her taste. As vague as that might sound, trust me when I say, it's not an easy task. I spent months (Did I just say months? Yes I did!) trying to find her a good looking purse for her birthday present but was unable to find any. It was not until we came across a shop which she said is rather new. We walked into the shop, browsed around and voila, she found the purse she likes! Checked out the other designs and finally, she decided on the purse. I obviously couldn't let her pay for it, as I wanted to give her a purse as a birthday present. So, I offered to pay (now I know this isn't romantic and all, but it's the purse she personally picked and she likes!) for it. As soon as we bought the purse, she saw a matching sling bag and bought it as well! Wow, how about that? Not only we found her the purse, but also a matching sling bag. Call that a coincidence, but I know it's fate. She was telling me how difficult it was, and I persisted in asking her (and myself) to keep looking around. Doing shopping with her is nice!

Right after our purchase, I checked my phone and it was time to enter the cinema. The movie was funny and quite enjoyable, but I had no idea the movie was quite long too. By the time it ended, it was rather late. I just wanted her to be home soonest possible so that she can get a good night rest. Sent her home, bid her goodnight and off I headed home too.

Then, I received a text from her telling me about belated-520 (because it was past midnight) and immediately I remembered that I had missed the golden hour to say the 3 words. *facepalm* Errr *facepalm again* and I apologized to her as I had missed it.

Was I disappointed? Not at all, in fact, within moments I had the biggest smile ever! Read again the previous paragraph, and tell me if you understand why. Can't get it? She told me belated-520!! =D I don't know about you, but to me that's like winning a jackpot! Best distraction ever! =D