Sunday, 31 May 2015

30052015-31052015 Min's Birthday at Lavish Spa

The dinner celebration for Min was only 1 part to it. I had another plan which I had been planning over 2 weeks, which had me doing a lot of research before finally deciding on it. Of course I had help as well =) I'm so grateful for awesome and supportive friends. As this was the first birthday celebration for her, I had to make it something very special. Something meaningful and also relaxing for her. And so the idea of bringing her to a spa came to mind. I was also in luck because in the month of May, there was a promotion for May babies *lucky me!* =D

Before we do that, we need to get ourselves a brunch. My initial idea having a delightful breakfast had to be postponed to brunch because the night before extended a little longer than I had expected. But it was alright, because everything was going to be fine. I have many backup plans, should either one of them fail. Why? Because I don't intend to fail at this 1st-time celebration with Min =P

Initially, I thought she was being cute.
Turns out she's actually trying to tell me that the filtered water is chargeable, lol!
I ordered two cups of filtered water, RM1 each

Flat White

I gotta say, J&D really did it right.
I'm no fan of flat white, but I quite like this one!

Spaghetti Carbonara
Very nice and creamy, just what my "doctor prescribed"! =D

Pork Lasagne
My first time trying out a lasagne of pork.
Got me wanting more!

Oasis Business Center BU11,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Open 1130am-930pm,
closed Mondays.

So after brunch, it was time to head down and continue my plan. She still hasn't figured out what I arranged for her. She almost guessed it, That's because I asked her to bring spare clothes for an overnight stay and a pair of swimwear. When she told me she knew where we were going, I thought for sure she had gotten it right. But when I finally told her that we're heading to Lavish Spa, she did not see that coming either =P

The panoramic view of the city from Lavish Spa's open pool.
If you want to know how the reception and other facilities look like, head on their website.
I'm just gonna be posting about my experience and my time with Min =)

I could clearly see the moon at 5pm!

The panoramic view of the pool

The panoramic view of the Lavish Cafe.
It's actually not big, but it's just nice =) 

At the entertainment room!
There's dedicated PC to each chair.
It's not actually that dark, but I dimmed the lights,
so that it feels much more relaxing at on the chair 
This is also where we'll be sleeping when night falls.

Originally a normal selfie, but I figured I'll take my chances with this.
Turns out it's a good shot! 

We went to the spa first.
No, it's not a shared one (how I wish it was!)
The ladies will go to the ladies spa, and the men will go to the men spa.
After that, we changed into our swim wear and went for short swim.

After our swim, we had dinner.
I then realize it was EAT ALL YOU CAN EAT (ala carte order only).
There was no limit to how much you order, except that if you waste the food, you'll be penalized.

I actually had one round of snacks order before she joined me for dinner =P

As guest of lavish spa, we have to change into their provided clothes
(1 size only for men unfortunately)
Bathing robes are optional, but they're very comfortable to be in.
If you're staying overnight like we are, you'll definitely need it.

Imagine yourself eating and drinking from 8AM to 3AM

Lamb Chop

Fried Chicken Wings 

Seafood Tom Yam Soup Noodles 

Iced Mocha 

Butter Fish Rice

Following morning, we woke up and headed to the Lavish Cafe for breakfast 

Iced Chocolate Milk & Latte 

Simple Breakfast - of Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and Red Beans

Sausage Roll 

No one's around so we decide to selfie! 

Another attempt at it 

After breakfast, we went for some light exercise at the gym

She wanted to the try to the "Shake, Shake" machine.
I LOL-ed so hard, when I saw her shaking xD

Then, we went on the threadmill together. 

"On the path to happiness"
hahaha super cheesy caption!
Min ever-so-happy on the threadmill =P

After gym, we went for a short swim again!
One must fully take advantage of the facilities given =P 

Then, we went to the spa.
Here's the Sauna room.
I couldn't last longer than 3 minutes in this room,
'cause I'm one person who can't stand heat.

This is the Steam room.
I didn't bother to try 'cause I know t's no difference in terms of heat.

This was where I enjoyed myself most in the spa.
Warm bubbling jacuzzi.
Feeling rejuvenated after I spend several sessions here.

The men's washroom were provided with many men's essential.
No need to worry about toothbrush, shaver or even hairspray. 

I went and look around, and there was a sitting near the cafe
that had Chinese chess provided

There was also the normal English chess!
How cool! 

While waiting for Min to finish her spa session, I had my Earl Grey tea with the pool view.
Very relaxing indeed.

Tom Yam Gong with Rice, Marmite Chicken Rice & Chicken Wings!
We had lunch before leaving for home.

Decided to order an extra plate of Butter Chicken as well

There was a cinema hall on the same floor.
The movie listing changes everyday I think, because the day before, the listing was a little different. 

Lot 5.02 & 5.06 level 5,
Fahrenheit88, Jalan Bukit bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
TEL: 03-21485888
24 Hours

I just couldn't resist myself to create this GIF of us =P

We had a great time there. And I was just super glad that this was a good experience for her. The place was not quite as big as I was hoping for. But it was alright for us. Just a note, if there's many patron that evening, you'll need to find for places to bump in (whether at entertainment room or cinema hall). The downside of the place is that there's a club downstairs with super heavy bass. Min's a light sleeper while I tend to wake up when I (frequently) sense unknown movement. So, we couldn't really fall asleep until about 3AM, because that's when the music went off and people stop moving around us. So happened that the very same night we were staying over, many patrons were there too -they were looking for chairs to comfortably sleep on.

Last but not least I did the cheesiest thing I could think of

- drawn on my iPhone -

Happy Birthday Jasmine aka Supermin!

29052015 Min's Pre-Birthday Dinner at Kai's Plato, Kota Damansara

Quietly behind her back, I organized a birthday dinner for Min with our colleagues. There were some hiccups and misunderstanding, but I think I had them sorted out? I'm truly sorry and I wished for the best of things. No hard feelings to anyone ya, if there's any unresolved issues, please let me know.

So, I got some help from Von who recommended this a seafood restaurant, and also offered to buy the birthday cake as well. So, so thankful to Von! So, I made a booking at Kai's Plato, and pre-ordered the platter (see more in the pictures below) to be shared.

Why all the hassle? I figured because of the recent workload that Min has on her plate, I'd like to change that plate around for something nicer. Plus, she likes surprises. She wouldn't see this coming from a mile away =D

A reminder to tell me of her birthday
No, it's not an alarm, but I think it's sync-ed from FB if not mistaken.

We were late for our booking due to slow traffic, but I had already informed the boss of the place about it. The boss was pretty cool and left our tabled reserved for us. Von & Sen Yee arrived earlier than me. The rest came in just moments are Min & I arrived. Yet, we still have to wait for our pre-order item to arrive.

 It's a Friday night, and I guess that's why there's so many people here at Kai's Plato!

Captain Platter (for 4 pax)
When our dinner arrives, it was astonishing!

Top Layer: Claims, Squid, Prawns, Cheese-baked Mussels and baby octopus
Behold the eye-opening sight of wonderous seafood!

2nd Layer: Crabs, Scallops & Lobster
Unfortunately one of the crabs went bad,
but thankfully the boss had it replaced for us almost immediately.
This is good service!

3rd Layer: Giant Crab
This was additional order, RM68 per crab

Just to give you an idea of how big the crab was 

The last layer: Soup, to be mixed with noodles!
At the end of the seafood savory, there's soup which is to be mixed with noodles (provided separately, but it's under the Captain's Platter set)

The wall decorations were very unique as patrons of the restaurant
can stick their scallop shells on the walls.

and yes we had red wine, on the house!
Because it was Min's birthday =) 

 I wanted to try some artistic shot of the crabs, prawns and lobsters' remains

 Not sure if it works, but there's some feel in it, I hope?

We were very satisfied with our seafood meal =)

Happy birthday my princess, Min =)

Another birthday shot of my princess

 Then the restaurant's waiters brought this over to our table!

The group shot!
Von had to leave early so she wasn't in the picture =/

Surely can't miss out our picture together!
Thanks Sen Yee for reminding, lol

This picture went viral on FB,
where most of our colleagues realized that we're *finally* in a relationship.
lol xD

Of course I can't let this moment pass by.
The tradition must go on!

 Wefie of us!
From left: Kate, Cheah Xien, Mah Sen Yee, Wan Pin, Min, and Me

After our meals and cakes, we had our very own color-your-scallop-shells session.
Then we stuck them on the wall together with the others!

The panoramic view of the interior

If you don't mind splurging, I'd recommend to try out this. The experience is worth it. However, you need to be mindful of the portion. When the set states 4 pax, it is really meant for 4 people and no more (even if you're a small eater). Also, take note that the service is really slow when there's many people in the restaurant. This was the only issue when we were there, even our snacks came in pretty slow. But overall, this is a fine place to dine at. You might want to consider to do a booking in advance if you want to dine there, as I understand that they're pretty packed, especially Fridays nights and Weekends.

Kai's Plato
A-1F-3, Garden Office @ Encorp Strand,
No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 017-283 2883