Friday, 3 April 2015

Sick, Again

It's the days of being unwell that ticks me off. This time it's a little worse than just a mild fever or cough. It's a whole package and more.

Fever + Flu + Cough + Sore Throat + Headache + Ankle Pain

Weird right? Like I'm sure you know for the others, but ankle pain? Well, I'm not sure what's it called but it was pain around the ankle area. I could not lift or twist my foot at most ankles. I can apply pressure to my heels and toes, but just couldn't lift them up.

First day, went to my regular doctor - It was only for fever. Other illness didn't turn up yet. So, it was the usual wait as well as the usual medicine for the fever.

I could wait with the entertainment system powered on.
I waited for as long as 2/3 of the show!

Went back and immediately started taking honey water to sooth my throat.
But it didn't quite help, as my throat become very much sore the following day.
And I lost my voice as well.

Second day, I had a terrible sore throat and was coughing very bad. Not to mentioned the flu started to kick in. At the same time I felt a terrible pain at my ankle. Still, I went to work thinking I could still function, but it didn't quite workout. If working without voice is bad enough, the ankle pain made everything worse. Towards evening, I couldn't stand it anymore and so I made effort to go the clinic just below my office. However, the doctor was out on an emergency case, so I had no choice but to make my way to the clinic across the street.

Darn clinic, charge me so much for wrapping my and a few medicines - pain relief and muscle relaxant.
Made it look worse than it is!

Third day, I went back to my doctor and asked about the medicine given to me by the other clinic, and was told there was no muscle relaxant medicine at all (=.=") I felt cheated. Anyways, my doctor told me that the pain I felt at the ankle could be due to 3 possibilities:

  1. Gout
  2. Gout effect due to medicine (but highly unlikely)
  3. Achilles tendon (probably like overstretched muscles)

So it's either 1 or 3, I didn't feel necessary to do any further testing, so I asked my doctor to prescribe me both gout-relief and muscle relaxant medicine. And guess what? After taking both, I felt much better and plus some rest at home, it's pretty effective to me.

This time I get to watch Toy Story 3 instead.
Watched about 1/2 way I think?

If you didn't believe that my ankle was hurting so much,
here's something I used to walk around for third day.

Stayed at home since then and watch some k-drama. Currently, catching up on Blood series.
It's about some vampires who became doctors? LOL go figure.
Anyways, do Spock and the korean dude look alike?

Then, I caught up on my favourite anime, Kuroko's Basketball.
It's getting more exciting now!

Check out what happened to my desktop!
I swear I didn't arrange this! It was sick too, I guess.

Coupled with my medicine, I took some chicken essence.
Said to be a booster for health. No harm trying out something that's good.
I even took a number of vitamins as well.

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