Sunday, 26 April 2015

Repairing Mum's Car

This morning felt like it never ended! Thought mum's car issue was a minor little thing, but turns out to be a major headache! I was there for nearly 6 hours... Omgosh!

Went there in the morning to get the car checked. Mechanic told me that the weird sound I've been hearing the past few days was due to the malfunctioning waterpump and the only way to fix it was to replace that unit. So, I told the Mechanic to proceed with ordering a new set and change it as soon as it arrives. It took more than an hour to get the spare part, and when the first one (yes there are 2 of them! and you'll know why! Grrr!) arrived, it wasn't the right fit! Then, only I realized that mum's car can't handle compatible parts because they don't fit. So, we had to order another one (returning the first one, of course, at no charge). Second one arrived and thank goodness, it was a match!

There was a loud squeaky sound coming from this part!

In the midst of replacing the water pump, the Mechanic found that the timing belt needed to be changed as well. I was like "OK, get it changed then" and what the Mechanic said next was really bothersome. "Well, we'll need to place an order for that, because your car needs the original spare parts, and we don't have it have it here." I was about to flip the tables, but I calmed myself down and told the Mechanic to proceed with it. It wasn't the Mechanic's fault anyway.

The delivery of the timing belt was VERY FRUSTRATING, waited another hour and half for it. Even the Mechanic was getting restless. The reason for the delay was that the delivery guy went to the wrong shop, at the other side of town. Pfft! "Use-lah GPS bro!" Dangnamit!

Thankfully, these two cats kept me entertained.
Their constant annoying-each-other act was funny!

It was past 4PM when the car was ready. Grrr. Wasted more than half the day at the workshop! Sigh.

Car, why you need only original parts?! =(

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