Friday, 10 April 2015

My iPhone Screen Freezing

I dropped my iPhone at Softsrve last night, and ever since then my phone just froze. I could receive notifications and put my iPhone to standby, but that's just about it. I couldn't unlock my phone to read messages or do anything at all. I couldn't answer incoming calls too.

I had no choice but to head down to LowYat during lunch time to go and have it checked. Did a little research of my own before doing so, and I thought it was just some loose cables. After all, my iPhone did just dropped flat on its face, from knee-height. So, I figured that might be a big impact that some cables might have been nudged out of its sockets. However, the phone-technician said that the screen and its sensors are no longer functioning - it's dead, to put it bluntly.

The official time whereby my iPhone's screen died. 

Took this picture using the free Huawei Tablet I received.
The quality's just horrible. Good enough to view.
But once you've gone iPhone-standard, everything else just doesn't match up.

But one visit wasn't enough, the following day I realized that the GPS module wasn't working at all. So, I had to return to the shop, only to find out that my rear camera's auto focus went kaput. To repair replace the screen was already approximately RM250; to repair replace the GPS would be approximately RM150 and for the camera, it would be an additional RM250.

Only then I realize how expensive the spare parts for an iPhone are, however I was told that it's better an iPhone than a Samsung, because the Samsung spare parts could easily be twice to thrice the cost. Luckily for me, the GPS module needed to unplug and plug back in, then it functions properly again. But the camera will remain an issue, as I didn't find a reason to repair it since the total cost to repair would then be a price of new mid-range smartphone. I'm planning to just move on with it, and plan to get a new phone, with hopes of trading out this iPhone with another one.

Seriously, I can't shift to another brand for my primary phone. iPhone is by far the easiest, best-performing smartphone that I've ever used. However, I know it's very pricey as well. So, gotta start saving and planning for a new phone.

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