Thursday, 16 April 2015

Giant Toner at Work

Somehow, I tend to do more expected of my job scope, and today's scope would be to collect the a toner for an old photocopy machine and replace it, myself! Apparently, while it may seem like it was only me who had interest in the old photocopy machine, others seem to be waiting for someone else to get his/her hands dirty for their own benefits.

Just a note, I went to research how to make use of the machine, which includes downloading the driver and writing a user manual guide (yes I wrote it!). Next thing, I knew, everyone was using the machine and when it's almost out of ink, no one bothers to do a darn thing about it.

I took the initiative to request for the toner, and to my surprise, I received the response and the replacement toner was ready for pick up by afternoon. Guess who went to get it? Hint: yours truly!

Check out the size of this box!

This is it! the size of the toner is almost that of a bomb!

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