Monday, 20 April 2015

20042015 Dinner at Two Pesos, SS2

Monday blues?! Not at all, at least not after working hours, that's for sure. Tonight, Min and I planned to go to the night market at SS2. While heading there, I was still thinking of what to get for dinner. I couldn't think of anything until the moment I found a parking and got an idea for dinner! Somehow with Min, I always seem to be in luck to get parking. My makan-buddy and lucky charm =)

Two Pesos Stone Pot
Very healthy in taste, it's just plain with all the ingredients!
Could use some extra boost in the soup base though.
But overall, it's great and quite filling too!

A sticker on the table that shows the link to their social media accounts.

If you plan to dine here, you better come early. As what I've observed and with what Min told me, this place is very packed during dinner time, especially 7PM onwards. It could lead to a long queue outside the shop!

The environment's alright, cozy and nice for dinner and I bet it's the same for lunch too. The aircond's pretty chilly, but I guess that's goes well with the steam boat =)

The price's very affordable, considering that you'd be filling pretty full once you finish up the soup. They're pretty quick with serving as well, and the service's pretty good. So, it's definitely worth the money!

No. 7, Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
From 12pm - 3pm for lunch, and
From 6pm to 11pm for dinner.

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