Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29042015 Dinner at Kyochon, 1Utama

My colleague told me that tomorrow would be the last day to redeem cash vouchers through Maybank Treat Points. Well, tomorrow would be impossible because of my casual Thursday-Badminton night. So, tonight's the only time to do so! Rushed there immediately after work, got my queue number, and then it came to the golden question, "What to eat for dinner?" As I'm not familiar with 1Utama, I turned to Min. She suggested fried chickens. But it wasn't KFC, instead it as Kyochon.

Set Dinner: 8 x Original Soy Wingettes & Drummettes,
with salad, rice, soup & a drink

Set Dinner: Mixed Original and Red Wingettes and Drummettes,
with salad, rice, soup and a drink

8 x Honey Wingette & Drummette

The chickens are AMAZING! We were both overwhelmed with what we ordered, in terms of taste and quantity as well. I believed a ordered a little too much between the both of us.

The Honey series is definitely recommended! But if you're a fan of spicy, go for the Red series =) Though it's quite pricey, but they're absolutely delicious! It's like very premium KFC, I'd say so if I could.

Service wise, it's just very, very slow. Maybe short of staff? Too many customers to serve? Not sure, but the one thing I know is that the waiters need to improve in their English fluency at least. I could barely understand what was being said even though repeated a few times. I had to take a good guess at the message and luckily I got it right (I have the ears for certain accent, I think). If you're not in a rush, this place is pretty good.

LG 350, 1Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Visit their site:

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