Wednesday, 29 April 2015

29042015 Jess Belated Birthday Celebration

We've back at Bingsu Cafe, but today's visit was to celebrate Jess' Belated Birthday. She's one popular friend and colleague, I think this makes it the 4th or 5th celebration already? I even lost count of it. Oh by the way, remembered the last visit, I mentioned getting a wefie at the cafe will entitle us for a 20% discount? Well, tonight that came in handy! Hahaha.

Happy belated birthday to Jess 

Durian Mango Bingsu

The tradition lives on!

29042015 Dinner at Kyochon, 1Utama

My colleague told me that tomorrow would be the last day to redeem cash vouchers through Maybank Treat Points. Well, tomorrow would be impossible because of my casual Thursday-Badminton night. So, tonight's the only time to do so! Rushed there immediately after work, got my queue number, and then it came to the golden question, "What to eat for dinner?" As I'm not familiar with 1Utama, I turned to Min. She suggested fried chickens. But it wasn't KFC, instead it as Kyochon.

Set Dinner: 8 x Original Soy Wingettes & Drummettes,
with salad, rice, soup & a drink

Set Dinner: Mixed Original and Red Wingettes and Drummettes,
with salad, rice, soup and a drink

8 x Honey Wingette & Drummette

The chickens are AMAZING! We were both overwhelmed with what we ordered, in terms of taste and quantity as well. I believed a ordered a little too much between the both of us.

The Honey series is definitely recommended! But if you're a fan of spicy, go for the Red series =) Though it's quite pricey, but they're absolutely delicious! It's like very premium KFC, I'd say so if I could.

Service wise, it's just very, very slow. Maybe short of staff? Too many customers to serve? Not sure, but the one thing I know is that the waiters need to improve in their English fluency at least. I could barely understand what was being said even though repeated a few times. I had to take a good guess at the message and luckily I got it right (I have the ears for certain accent, I think). If you're not in a rush, this place is pretty good.

LG 350, 1Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Visit their site:

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sleep Is The Best Remedy

Today, got up pretty to get my mum's car for a check up. Mum's complained about the recent loud roaring the engine is producing, and it's not been that long since it was last service (about a month ago, I think?). As I'm pretty worried about these kind of stuff (seriously it leaves me with a unpleasant feeling when I know there's problem). I started the engine to hear the roaring sound for myself and I was rather shocked because it sounded as if there was a turbine underneath the engine.

So, I headed to my usual workshop to get the car checked. I sort of expected it to be something quite serious, and indeed it was. Daniel, my trusted mechanic, told me that the water pump was damaged and needed to be changed. He immediately placed an order for the replacement part. However, after an hour or so of waiting, the replacement part that came wasn't a fit for the car. Why? Because initially, Daniel thought compatible parts would do the trick (I too, didn't think I needed original parts because the car is rather old and it doesn't go out of my housing area). So, he had to place another order for the original part (the car is a Hyundai Atos 1.0; it's a pain in the part for maintenance, I tell you). And we had to wait another 30-40 minutes for that right part.

It was getting hotter by the hour, as the sun was blazingly bright! I was sweating, and falling asleep out of fatigue due to the heat and the wait as well. Daniel came to me and told me that he found out the timing belt needed change as well due to its wear and tear condition. I was fine with it. Little did I know that the timing belt for the car also needed to be ordered because it requires a very specific model (DARN IT!). So I waited again. To my frustration, this time around the wait was ridiculously long (more than 1.5 hours) because the delivery guy went to a wrong shop, at the wrong part of town some more! I was furious!

By the time the car got fixed, it's like my whole day was gone. The car was all good to leave the workshop and it was nearly 5PM. I drove back home, I was angry and in a bad mood. I didn't want to talk to anyone at all, as I know I might just spread the negative vibes to others. The only thing that kept me calm was the scene of the cat fighting (mechanics' pets at the workshop) and the Jay Chou song that was ongoing for more than 3 hours.

When I got back home, I immediately went straight to bed and took a nap sleep. 3 hours of good sleep seriously brought be back to life and made me a better person! It's like the whole day didn't matter, and I continued on doing my own things. I encourage everyone to sleep it off, whenever you feel like you're in a bad mood and no one else can help it.


My phone's camera still bonkers. I don't know if I should get it fixed, or get a new phone. Still think about it. Hmmmm.

Oh by the way, I've still got a number of backdated post yet to processed. Promise to get to that real soon!

Repairing Mum's Car

This morning felt like it never ended! Thought mum's car issue was a minor little thing, but turns out to be a major headache! I was there for nearly 6 hours... Omgosh!

Went there in the morning to get the car checked. Mechanic told me that the weird sound I've been hearing the past few days was due to the malfunctioning waterpump and the only way to fix it was to replace that unit. So, I told the Mechanic to proceed with ordering a new set and change it as soon as it arrives. It took more than an hour to get the spare part, and when the first one (yes there are 2 of them! and you'll know why! Grrr!) arrived, it wasn't the right fit! Then, only I realized that mum's car can't handle compatible parts because they don't fit. So, we had to order another one (returning the first one, of course, at no charge). Second one arrived and thank goodness, it was a match!

There was a loud squeaky sound coming from this part!

In the midst of replacing the water pump, the Mechanic found that the timing belt needed to be changed as well. I was like "OK, get it changed then" and what the Mechanic said next was really bothersome. "Well, we'll need to place an order for that, because your car needs the original spare parts, and we don't have it have it here." I was about to flip the tables, but I calmed myself down and told the Mechanic to proceed with it. It wasn't the Mechanic's fault anyway.

The delivery of the timing belt was VERY FRUSTRATING, waited another hour and half for it. Even the Mechanic was getting restless. The reason for the delay was that the delivery guy went to the wrong shop, at the other side of town. Pfft! "Use-lah GPS bro!" Dangnamit!

Thankfully, these two cats kept me entertained.
Their constant annoying-each-other act was funny!

It was past 4PM when the car was ready. Grrr. Wasted more than half the day at the workshop! Sigh.

Car, why you need only original parts?! =(

Friday, 24 April 2015

24022015 Dinner at Manmaru, Midvalley

Thinking of what to eat at Midvalley Megamall, and was suggested to try some homemade noodles for dinner. Min and I, went to Manmaru Homemade Udon. I don't usually try udon because many Japanese place I know don't serve good ones, at all.

Chicken Teriyaki Onsen Tamago Udon
RM17.90 nett
One of the best udon I've tasted so far! Yummylicious!

Ishiyaki Eringi Udon
RM19.90 nett
Lots and lots of mushroom! This is simply wonderful!

Matcha Latte (cold)
RM10.90 nett
Not quite my cup of tea, but it's nice! At least Min likes it =)

The place is pretty nice, and the service is quite good as well. They're quick to take order and serve. However, it would be very much appreciated if their food looks as good as they taste. Not only does it look different from the menu, but look at the Match Latte, it was already melting and messy by the side before it reaches our table.

Price wise, it's pretty stiff. You're looking at RM15-RM25 range for a normal dinner. That's quite hefty. But for taste of homemade noodles, once in a while, it's not too bad at all.

S-045A, Second Floor,
Center Court,
Mid Valley City

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22042015 Dinner at Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles, Jalan Tun HS Lee

It's been a while since I last visited Soong Kee, and gosh do I miss their noodles! Since Min wasn't feeling very well today, I thought a bowl of porridge from Soong Kee would do the trick. I searched online and found they've got pretty good rating for their porridge. I figured, it'll be good for her throat and might even give her a boost in appetite.

My usual order, Beef Ball Noodles.
Still same price, RM7! Awesome max!

Min had her Crispy Pork Lard Porridge.
She said it was good enough for her

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles,
86, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

22042015 Ice Cream from Kedai 1Rakyat Malaysia

This afternoon, I decided to try the ice cream from Kedai 1Rakyat Malaysia just opposite of my office. I've been very curious of how an bucket of ice cream, priced at RM3.20 for 500ml, would taste like. Today, I finally get closure. LOL

Doesn't look promising, but I can tell you there are people who has bought this before!

It actually looks not too bad, when I opened it for the first time.

Drew a smiley there!
The first taste, it was alright, better than I expected of such pricing for an ice cream.
After a few scoops, I was done with it - I could no longer continue.
It tasted like a mixed powder of cocoa and vanilla, made into cream and frozen.
Ain't the lousiest, but ain't worth eating further.
The rest of it was history.

Monday, 20 April 2015

20042015 Dinner at Two Pesos, SS2

Monday blues?! Not at all, at least not after working hours, that's for sure. Tonight, Min and I planned to go to the night market at SS2. While heading there, I was still thinking of what to get for dinner. I couldn't think of anything until the moment I found a parking and got an idea for dinner! Somehow with Min, I always seem to be in luck to get parking. My makan-buddy and lucky charm =)

Two Pesos Stone Pot
Very healthy in taste, it's just plain with all the ingredients!
Could use some extra boost in the soup base though.
But overall, it's great and quite filling too!

A sticker on the table that shows the link to their social media accounts.

If you plan to dine here, you better come early. As what I've observed and with what Min told me, this place is very packed during dinner time, especially 7PM onwards. It could lead to a long queue outside the shop!

The environment's alright, cozy and nice for dinner and I bet it's the same for lunch too. The aircond's pretty chilly, but I guess that's goes well with the steam boat =)

The price's very affordable, considering that you'd be filling pretty full once you finish up the soup. They're pretty quick with serving as well, and the service's pretty good. So, it's definitely worth the money!

No. 7, Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
From 12pm - 3pm for lunch, and
From 6pm to 11pm for dinner.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

19042015 Dessert at Bingsu Cafe, Damansara Uptown

Heard there was a premium bingsu cafe in Damansara Uptown, called Bingsu Cafe. So decided to head there and check it out. Had some company tonight, so we're able to order more than 1 bingsu to try out!

Belgian Chocolate Bingsu
RM16.90 nett
Absolutely a must for chocolate lovers! Indulge yourself in this rich and sweet savory!

Injeolmi Red Bean Bingsu
Though this looks plain, the taste is definitely not!
It's amazing and it'll keep you going on =)

Kate, Min, Mimi and Me
Taking a wefie there, will earn you a 20% discount on your next visit!

Taste-wise: They've definitely outdone themselves in the making of bingsu. Their bingsu are absolutely smooth and the base shaved-ice is not-too-sweet either. Besides, OW:L Espresso, I'll definitely anyone to try this out!

Environment-wise: Looks pretty good on the inside (couldn't take a shot of the interior, due to my camera's focus being out *haven't fixed it yet*). If there's not many people, it's quite chilly. It's just nice when there's a crowd. They have board and card games there for entertainment. It's a self-service area - Order, wait for the order, and pick it up when it's ready. There's also a green-tea-dispenser available to dine-in customers. Another plus point is that they open till 12 midnight! Awesomeness, to those who fancy a late night dessert =P

Price-wise: It's pretty premium, ranging from RM12.90 to RM18.90 for bingsu. Shocked? Ya, so was I. But you can't get it anywhere else, as good as this. If you do, please share it with me as well.

28 Jalan SS21/35,
Damansara Utama,
Petaling Jaya,

Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 12:00am

Friday, 17 April 2015

17042015 Lunch at Teppan-yaki Express, Food Junction

Finally, the Food Junction at Quill City Mall is operating! After months of wait! But looks like not every stall is fully opened yet. There are still many stalls to try. So, today I decided to go with the Teppan-yaki Express!

Taken with my phone's front camera, as the back camera seems to be malfunctioning.
Salmon Fried Rice
To be frank, though you can taste the salmon, but it's very plain overall.
Other menu's worth the try, but avoid this if you're look for a delicious meal.

A few knock on my phone, and I was able to take a panoramic view of the stall.
However, there's still some issue with the focus.

Teppan-yaki Express, in overall, is quite affordable, unless of course, if you choose to go for steak, the chops, etc. You can expect a decent lunch from a RM10-RM20 range.

The food function is pretty spacious, and it's quite large in size. However, the place itself is a little confusing as it's not the standard food court style.

Teppan-Yaki Express, Food Junction,
Quill City Mall, 4th Floor

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Giant Toner at Work

Somehow, I tend to do more expected of my job scope, and today's scope would be to collect the a toner for an old photocopy machine and replace it, myself! Apparently, while it may seem like it was only me who had interest in the old photocopy machine, others seem to be waiting for someone else to get his/her hands dirty for their own benefits.

Just a note, I went to research how to make use of the machine, which includes downloading the driver and writing a user manual guide (yes I wrote it!). Next thing, I knew, everyone was using the machine and when it's almost out of ink, no one bothers to do a darn thing about it.

I took the initiative to request for the toner, and to my surprise, I received the response and the replacement toner was ready for pick up by afternoon. Guess who went to get it? Hint: yours truly!

Check out the size of this box!

This is it! the size of the toner is almost that of a bomb!

Monday, 13 April 2015

A Gift From Australia!

Look what Min bought for me, from her recent trip to Australia! Well, the first one was a souvenir she found (all my colleagues had a similar gift too) and the second one was something I requested.

A coaster for drinks.
Love the platypus engraving there! 

Nothing beats a handwritten card!
Actually, there was supposed to be another one from Cambodia, however that went AWOL.
Oh well, this has a greater value!
Why? Check out the stamp there, you'll know why!

I'm a very happy guy!

Friday, 10 April 2015

My iPhone Screen Freezing

I dropped my iPhone at Softsrve last night, and ever since then my phone just froze. I could receive notifications and put my iPhone to standby, but that's just about it. I couldn't unlock my phone to read messages or do anything at all. I couldn't answer incoming calls too.

I had no choice but to head down to LowYat during lunch time to go and have it checked. Did a little research of my own before doing so, and I thought it was just some loose cables. After all, my iPhone did just dropped flat on its face, from knee-height. So, I figured that might be a big impact that some cables might have been nudged out of its sockets. However, the phone-technician said that the screen and its sensors are no longer functioning - it's dead, to put it bluntly.

The official time whereby my iPhone's screen died. 

Took this picture using the free Huawei Tablet I received.
The quality's just horrible. Good enough to view.
But once you've gone iPhone-standard, everything else just doesn't match up.

But one visit wasn't enough, the following day I realized that the GPS module wasn't working at all. So, I had to return to the shop, only to find out that my rear camera's auto focus went kaput. To repair replace the screen was already approximately RM250; to repair replace the GPS would be approximately RM150 and for the camera, it would be an additional RM250.

Only then I realize how expensive the spare parts for an iPhone are, however I was told that it's better an iPhone than a Samsung, because the Samsung spare parts could easily be twice to thrice the cost. Luckily for me, the GPS module needed to unplug and plug back in, then it functions properly again. But the camera will remain an issue, as I didn't find a reason to repair it since the total cost to repair would then be a price of new mid-range smartphone. I'm planning to just move on with it, and plan to get a new phone, with hopes of trading out this iPhone with another one.

Seriously, I can't shift to another brand for my primary phone. iPhone is by far the easiest, best-performing smartphone that I've ever used. However, I know it's very pricey as well. So, gotta start saving and planning for a new phone.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

09042015 Dessert at Softsrve, Damansara Utama

It's so warm today! After work I was just craving for some ice cream. I remembered my colleague mentioned about a premium ice cream joint at Damansara Utama, and so I decided to head there.

 Go Soft Or Go Home

Panoramic view of the interior 

Other panoramic view of the interior 

Pay before you get served.

Deep Chocolate with Truffles
a whopping RM12!

What I ordered was pretty good! It looks pretty impressive when it's being prepared. There wasn't enough place for the number of customers they have. So I had to tuck myself at one corner where the sitting area is pretty small. It's not comfortable for long stay, but it's good enough for me at that moment. The ice cream is really top-notch, being very smooth and very rich in its taste. Well, I guess that's expected from a premium ice cream joint. Good for the experience =)

Jalan SS 21/1, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours:
Tues - Sun
2pm to 11pm

They're on Instagram too!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Free Tablet Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or paid post. The author is purely sharing his how he managed to obtain a free tablet (Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2) and is not responsible for your decision to apply credit card. Any views or opinions presented in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the company. This post does not intend to encourage you to apply for a credit card, nor to impose that application of credit cards will reward the applicant with a free tablet. This author accepts no liability or damage for the content of this post.

I was casually online-surfing and I came across a promotion that led me to RinggitPlus. What intrigued me with the promotion is that it states "Get Free Huawei Tablet and 1 Year MalayMail E-Paper Subscription". So, I decided to find out what it is about.



Source taken from RinggitPlus

Since, I didn't have a Citibank card yet, I decided to give it a try. Anyway, what's the harm, right? At most, I'd be denied of my application only. And so, I submitted my application online. Followed their instructions and provided them the documentation as required.

To my surprised, my application was approved! Done within 4 days of application. And once I received my Citibank credit card, I immediately started using it. Part of requirement was to have 3 swipes (of transactions) with no minimum, and so I did it. Wasn't difficult at all actually, since it wasn't my first time with credit cards. This part was also to get the waiver of the RM50 service tax (which will be reflected on the 3rd credit card statement).

I was told that within the next 8-10 weeks after my credit card has been approved, that I would receive an email consisting of the redemption code for the free Huawei tablet. They honored their words.

Received the good news a few days back

A few days after I keyed in the redemption keys, I received a courier package. It was a rather big box, so my first thoughts was that it must be the free tablet!

Packaged received! 

Congratulatory letter! 

Let the unboxing begin!

The side of the box!
I'm even happier because the color is Champagne! 

 Saw this baby and I just had to pick it up!

Immediately began my activation of the tablet and the apps! 

The only problem I have now is finding a screen protector
and a case that actually fits this tablet!

I'll just summarize the tablet's specifications, but just in case if you're interested on knowing more. You can find out more at the Huawei website.
Dimension: 193.4mm x 120.6mm x 9.9mm
Weight: Approx. 350g
Color: Black & Champagne
SIM: mini-SIM
Display: 7-inches TFT capacitive (5-point) touchscreen with 1024 x 600 pixels (169 ppi pixel density)
Operating System: Android 4.3 + Huawei Emotion UI 1.6
CPU: MSM8x12 quad-core Cortex-A7 1.2GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage, with microSD card: up to 32 GB
Network: HSPA+ (up to 21 Mbps DL and 5.76 Mbps UL), HSPA/UMTS, EDGE/GPRS/GSM
Connectivity: GPS /A-GPS, Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth, microUSB v2.0
Camera: 3 MP rear, 0.3 MP, with Geo-tagging
Audio: Built-in MIC, speaker; Supported formats: Ogg, WAV, WMA, MID, MIDI, MP3, 3GP, AMR, APE, FLAC
Video: Supported formats: MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, 3GP
Battery: 4100 mAh Li-Polymer

Friday, 3 April 2015

Sick, Again

It's the days of being unwell that ticks me off. This time it's a little worse than just a mild fever or cough. It's a whole package and more.

Fever + Flu + Cough + Sore Throat + Headache + Ankle Pain

Weird right? Like I'm sure you know for the others, but ankle pain? Well, I'm not sure what's it called but it was pain around the ankle area. I could not lift or twist my foot at most ankles. I can apply pressure to my heels and toes, but just couldn't lift them up.

First day, went to my regular doctor - It was only for fever. Other illness didn't turn up yet. So, it was the usual wait as well as the usual medicine for the fever.

I could wait with the entertainment system powered on.
I waited for as long as 2/3 of the show!

Went back and immediately started taking honey water to sooth my throat.
But it didn't quite help, as my throat become very much sore the following day.
And I lost my voice as well.

Second day, I had a terrible sore throat and was coughing very bad. Not to mentioned the flu started to kick in. At the same time I felt a terrible pain at my ankle. Still, I went to work thinking I could still function, but it didn't quite workout. If working without voice is bad enough, the ankle pain made everything worse. Towards evening, I couldn't stand it anymore and so I made effort to go the clinic just below my office. However, the doctor was out on an emergency case, so I had no choice but to make my way to the clinic across the street.

Darn clinic, charge me so much for wrapping my and a few medicines - pain relief and muscle relaxant.
Made it look worse than it is!

Third day, I went back to my doctor and asked about the medicine given to me by the other clinic, and was told there was no muscle relaxant medicine at all (=.=") I felt cheated. Anyways, my doctor told me that the pain I felt at the ankle could be due to 3 possibilities:

  1. Gout
  2. Gout effect due to medicine (but highly unlikely)
  3. Achilles tendon (probably like overstretched muscles)

So it's either 1 or 3, I didn't feel necessary to do any further testing, so I asked my doctor to prescribe me both gout-relief and muscle relaxant medicine. And guess what? After taking both, I felt much better and plus some rest at home, it's pretty effective to me.

This time I get to watch Toy Story 3 instead.
Watched about 1/2 way I think?

If you didn't believe that my ankle was hurting so much,
here's something I used to walk around for third day.

Stayed at home since then and watch some k-drama. Currently, catching up on Blood series.
It's about some vampires who became doctors? LOL go figure.
Anyways, do Spock and the korean dude look alike?

Then, I caught up on my favourite anime, Kuroko's Basketball.
It's getting more exciting now!

Check out what happened to my desktop!
I swear I didn't arrange this! It was sick too, I guess.

Coupled with my medicine, I took some chicken essence.
Said to be a booster for health. No harm trying out something that's good.
I even took a number of vitamins as well.