Sunday, 8 March 2015

08032015 Working on Sunday

It's tough to say it's a beautiful Sunday when one has to wake up at ungodly hours to do something that one should not be doing on such a wonderful rest-day. Well, apart from that, it's still a beautiful Sunday nevertheless =)

Taken with HDR mode.
While it might not be the best picture, it's actually quite good with the grey skies.

my OOTD (outfit of the day) for Sunday workday

A chocolate treat that my sister shared with me.
It's from Japan!
The taste is unique, but I didn't quite fancy it.

We pass by this restaurant almost every time we want to go QCM.
And it never cease to amaze us with the queue!

On Sunday afternoon, it's packed with people as if it was a Monday-Friday afternoon!
What's in the food?! Kaskas?? LoL

We decided not to try this food, as the queue was long, and the weather was very hot to eat outdoors. So we proceeded with our plans to eat at QCM. I just love that mall, it's nice and cold and it smells refreshing! =D We had our lunch at T-Signature, to try it out something different. Went in there to find out what I want to order, isn't available *What nonsense is that for a restaurant that had just opened a while ago, while very little customers?!* End up I had to compromise and go for another menu instead.

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Left office at 7PM, it was raining very heavily but the sun was still up, behind me =)

My family had a last minute dinner arrangement with their friends.
So it's just me at home, decided to try out the instant noodle which I bought from Indonesia Trip.

I added a little too much water, but thankfully it still taste good =D

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