Sunday, 1 March 2015

01032015 Renew My Passport

It's already the 1st of March. It felt like only yesterday that I was still on my vacation. Oh well, it's better to look forward to my next vacation rather than to keep looking back on what's gone =)

In order to do and prepare for that, first thing is that I got to renew my passport. It's due to expired before end of the year. Well, it looks like a lot of time doesn't it? Unfortunately, that's not the case for Tigerairways. They have a certain policy that makes it a compulsory rule that the passenger must have 6-months of passport validity from the latest date of travel. 

In my case, my passport expires before my planned trip (this will still remain a mystery to you for now). So, being cheap thrifty and smart, I decided to renew my passport first (thanks to Mum for the big reminder too).

Took the earliest train down to UTC Pudu Sentral, KL.
Not even a soul was there.
Yea they start operation at 8.30am, but the queue starts earlier than 6am!
My advice: If you don't have plans in the afternoon, then do it in the afternoon.
Else, you'll need to spend your morning queuing like me.
Don't believe me? Check out the next picture

This was roughly 7.30am, the queue was basically a U-shape from the entrance to the same entrance again.
At 8.00am, the queue went around the floor.

I reached there at 6.30am plus minus and I was number 16 by the time I got my number.

Got this chips from Min, it's from Korea!
This was better tasting than the other one

It says butter waffles. It was alright-lah.
At least both the snacks that I had gotten from Min, kept me filled for a while =)
By 10.15am or so, I was done. I made my payment, I waited for the collection of my passport, and when I finally got it, I walked out like a proud man! Hahaha.

UTC Pudu Sentral is actually quite a good place to do your passport, they're quite fast and rather friendly as well. If you don't already know, passport renewal option is down to only one - RM200/5-years validity.

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