Monday, 2 March 2015

02032015 New Intern at Office

There's a hot chick Kuli new intern in my office! Very goody-two-shoes looking. Kinda remind me of when I started working some years ago. Eager to get things done, always wanting to do and learn more. He showed all of that when we worked just a while.

Terence in the house!
Well, he's way better looking than me..
It's customary in our team time to have lunch at the Chow Kit Food Court, and have the famous only wantan mee in the area! =D

Behold the wantan mee of Chow Kit !
Price has gone up, to RM6.00 for a large bowl

Oh Guess what I bought for home-entertainment? LOL
I managed to sort them colors out within minutes...
Ok-lah, I wasn't paying attention on my game, as I was watching TV
But you should give this a try whenever you can,
and see how you can complete it within a certain timeframe.

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