Sunday, 1 March 2015

01032015 Movie Time & Dinner!

I've been wanting to watch Kingsman, due to the good review and recommendation. So I buzzed up my friends, however not many actually replied with a "Yes". Luckily, there were two girls who accompanied me to watch the show =)

Luckily it's not so packed at Tropicana =)

Unfortunately, the show was not quite up to my expectations. Probably, I set quite a high expectation for it. It was quite funny, that I gotta give it credits. However, it's not quite as exciting or action-packed as I thought it would be through the trailers that I've watched. And I still didn't get UK jokes, hahaha.

After movies, we hung out at Epicuro.
They didn't have anything to eat after lunch, and before 6pm.
The girls had coffee and we chat a while, before we left the place.

Cantonese Yee Mee!
At damansara uptown, the shop is known for Hokkien Mee.
So naturally we had to find dinner.
One of the girls had to leave, so it's down to one girl for me =P
It's lucky to company for dinner, eh? =D

And of course, not to forget Fried Chicken Wings! =D
Movie & Dinner, definitely fulfilling enough =)
It's a good start for the month!

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