Saturday, 21 March 2015

21032015 Movie, Lunch and A Marathon

This week's been a pretty hectic week, with everyone seemingly rushing for project deliveries and due dates. It was very exhausting, and a number of events happening concurrently as well. So, I decided to have a fun weekend, so that I can shake the stress and the draggy feeling off me.

This is a rather different type of futuristic robot movie, I must say it's pretty darn good!
However, I don't know why a robot's vocal can be programmed with Indian-slang, hahaha
If you haven't seen it, you should catch it!

Lunch at New York Steak Shack at Sunway Pyramid!
This is the Groupon-special, Mixed Grill Set for only RM19.00
and it comes with a soft drink. So, that's what both Min & I had.
However, what surprises me is that the meat served were nearly half the thickness of the usual serving.
Nevertheless it's still very nice!

Then, we went for a short walk and shopping, since Min wanted to look for a comforter.
Looked around and she found what she wanted.
I must she's a very spontaneous person, hahaha.

By evening, I had a marathon to attend.
Men's Health Women's Health Night Run 2015 at Putrajaya Presint 3

The panoramic view of the arrival location.

The panoramic view of the line of runners!

The panoramic view on the other side

Towards the end of the run, I stopped to take this panoramic view of the lake

And that's me at the finishing line!

Look at all the goodies I got from the race!

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