Saturday, 21 March 2015

Meet Amy =)

It's almost a month since we've met, and somehow we've become such good friends and pen pal. Who'd ever guessed it to be possible? =) I guess friendship's a blessing you'd never expect, and I'm really grateful to be blessed with one.

the ever so cheerful, Amy

If you don't already know how I met Amy, you can read here. Ever since then, we've casually drop each other text messages. She doesn't have many friends in Malaysia, and likewise, I don't have many friends in Indonesia. Well, she's a flight attendant / air stewardess, so I'll be hearing a lot on her local as well as her international flights. What's more interesting is that I don't really know Indonesian language, and she still learning English language. We're helping and learning from each other =)

What I've learned so far, is that being a flight attendant isn't as easy as one might think. It requires a lot of attention, commitment and self-learning too. Amy tells me how she has to go for classes, sits for test and the same routine happens every year. I believe it's a policy across all flight companies as well. And of course, I shared with her my experiences and a little about KL's lifestyle. Hopefully, when she has a long trip to KL, we'll hang out more and exchange stories as well.

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