Friday, 20 March 2015

20032015 Farewell Lunch for Colleague

Yet another colleague is to leave us. This would be the third person so far, since I first embarked with the team. Is it too stressful for them? Well, one thing's for sure, we all are very grateful for each and everyone's contribution to the team and project. Everyone's equally important, I must say. Lesser by 1, makes it a little difficult for everyone else because we have then take up extra responsibilities to cope up as well.

the A-team, LOL
Back-row from left: Min, Li Meng, Lee Sing, Ke Xin, Lee Fun, Elaine, Khuan Yew
Front-row from left: Wee Kien, Gan Seng, William, Durai, Me, Wern Jiang, Jun Xian

This marks the last day of Li Meng's contribution to our team. She will definitely be missed. Wee Kien's also returning to his other team. He was a borrowed team member from another project to aide us with some complex area. We're just glad they were part of the team =)

All the best in your future endeavours, Li Meng!
Always be as cheerful as you are =D

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