Saturday, 7 March 2015

07032015 Dinner at Tea Garden, Sri Petaling

A few months ago, I saw the corner lot restaurant being renovated and a signboard that states it was Tea Garden. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a tea shop. But as soon as they opened, it's crowded almost everyday! So my family and I decided to go and check it out ourselves.

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

The panoramic view of the interior in Tea Garden

Taste wise - far better than what I expected; it was great! The curry was just nice for me (but if you're a fan of spicy food, it might come as too mild for you), and the thick sauce of the creamy pumpkin was splendid. However, the bread may come a little of a disappointment, not only because of its looks, but also because of its taste. Chocolate Banana bread shouldn't go too wrong, right?

Service wise - quick to serve and they definitely prioritized first-come-first-serve. My family and I was there but there wasn't a table on the inside, so we waited a while for the other table to vacant. However, while waiting, another family came by. Luckily, the waiters there gently told the other family that we were waiting for the table first and it's only fair to us to get it. It feels great when you're treat right!

Environment wise - prior to Tea Garden, it was a mamak, and the space wasn't big then. So, when Tea Garden took over, they improved the interior, however they can't change reality. I can say it's rather cramp, but there's should suffice for small groups of friends and family. If you come in a group of more than 6, you'd have to prepare to be separated into different tables.

Price wise - it's affordable and the variety of food is good as well. I didn't have a problem making an order, however need to note that some menus are not available for dinner. Otherwise, this is a great place to dine =)

No 65, Ground Floor,
Jalan Radin Tengah,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur


  1. We tried the Tea garden at sri petaling for breakfast this morning .... got diarrhoea

    tried getting their telephone to call them by, nothing from internet

    1. @LV, so sorry to hear that. I guess their quality has dropped since my last visit. I hope that you're able contact them soon to get some rectification on the matter. Wish you speedy recovery too!