Friday, 20 March 2015

20032015 Blow Water Group

There's a closed group among our colleagues where a number of us know it as the Blow Water Group, hahaha. Well, it's a direct translation from Cantonese "Chui Sui" which means chatting (or in slightly more crude would be bullshit-ing)

On and off, we gather for dinner, or yumcha session in smaller groups. It's almost difficult to have everyone in the group to come together at the same time, because most of us do not live in the same area/zone/district/state, hahaha.

So, tonight a few gathered for fun, after work, just to blow some steam off at one of the local coffee shop.

Roti Fujima (of Ice Cream & Roti Pisang)
Love this menu! It's at Murni Discovery in Aman Suria!

Panoramic capture of us at the local coffee shop
from left: Stephen, Oon, Min, Wan Pin, Jess, Sen Yee and Wui Liang (hidden behind Sen Yee)

Jess is always as excited!

The sweet Wan Pin, always ready for the camera.

Ever since the smart phone was invented, this is what happen at every gathering.

Wui Liang!
Love this expression!

Oon, and no he doesn't work for dell
he works for with us!

Wui Liang has a lot of expression, doesn't he?

They're all so much fun to be with! You can almost laugh non-stop with them =P Super blessed to have met such a fun bunch =)

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