Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sick & Bored At Home

If you know me, then you'll know that it's pretty rare to find me taking MC. I would still feel unwell, but rarely do I need to visit the doctor ('cause I dislike going to clinics or hospitals) and get an MC. But when the condition's too much for me to handle, I have no choice.

Today's one of those days. Thankfully, I'm just having some uneasiness and a hard time getting some sleep. Doctor Don, my favourite doctor (what? just because I dislike clinics and hospitals, I can't like a doctor? =P), says I might be over-stressed or worse case, it could be the start of a viral fever. I don't know which is bad - the fact that I can be over-stressed (I have a very high EQ and I handle stress pretty well too), or that I might get a viral fever (I had this last year, and it was not pleasant, at all!).

Anyways, I was 'blessed' with some muscle-sore relieving medicine so that I can rest properly.

The horror~

Not long after I got back home, it started to rain. My eyes had plenty of rest so they were quite wide opened. However due to the rain, Astro had nothing to show me - typical satellite service, pfft! Anyway, I decided not to let be down, and watch some dramas while I lazed out on my sofa. 

How heavy was it? Try hearing it for yourself.
Yea that's what I decided to be!

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