Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Shopping At LowYat

Coincidentally, Min and I had the same plan of going to KL to do shopping, separately - her's fashion-related, and mine's technology-related. So, I suggested we meet half way and grab high tea together =)

It was rather easy for two spontaneous people to have a last minute arrangement. We each had our own agenda, and towards the end, we just meet up. Thankfully for that as well, because we managed to get a good deal out of something common in which we both we were looking for.

Vinnfier Neo 2 Talk
Original price is RM99; Promo price is RM69.
Thanks to Min, we got two for RM129; so that makes it RM64.50 each!
hahaha, tell me if that's not a better deal! =)

This speaker is rather good look and it's REALLY good for the price!
It's a Bluetooth speaker with Aux-in and MicroSD-play capability.
To top that, it can serve as a loud-speaker Bluetooth receiver ('cause it has a in built mic too)
Hooked it up to my laptop and boy, it's loud and clear!
Better than expected!
Besides this speaker, I was looking around for an 3rd party external flash that is compatible with my current compact camera, Panasonic Lumix LX-5. However, every shop had their own opinion of what's good and what's not, which does not seem to have a common ground leaving me rather confused. My fault partially, because I forgot to bring my camera along. Eventually I found a shop with its staff who told me not to be too concerned about the flash until I bring in my camera, so that he can explain further to me. Also, he offered me a discount if I were to pay in cash, should I decide to purchase from him. That's good news for me =) And oh yeah, I managed to get myself a FM-modulator (old-school tech, for my Myvi). Radio's not playing much of what I want to listen - fresh songs and less ads / commentaries.

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