Saturday, 28 February 2015

28022015 My Car Got An Upgrade, I Got A Haircut!

Finally, it was about time I upgraded my car! All these years, there wasn't a single upgrade (besides the casual car accessories like voltage-stabilizer, anti-slip pads, arm rest, CD holder, car fragrance, etc) which I applied despite wanting so much. So, today I decided to give it an upgrade to its sound insulation =)

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This shop, The One Tint Shop was recommended by my colleague TommyT, as he had also previously done his car's sound system. I went there and the lady boss was very friendly. Carefully explained to me and made suggestions based on my budget and comfort level on the sound insulation. It greatly reduces my doubt and I proceeded with planning a date to perform the upgrade. Full package ranges up to RM2-3k, however I'm only doing 1/3 of it, so it cost me RM850.

That's my Saga FL 1.3A aka Tin Kosong (Empty Can)

The engine's usually noisy, but without any sound insulation, you can hear the unpleasant roar of the engine.
I don't mind if I'm driving an Audi TT without sound insulation, but this ain't it.

I saw this traffic light nearby IMU =)

Right after my car upgrade, I wanted to get myself a haircut. The last hair cut was 2 months ago. Head over to Sunway to pay my hairstylist, Leo from Thomas & Guys, a visit. Plus, I get more discount when I re-visit the place, hehe =)

The before-haircut picture was bad, so none of it =P
The after-haircut on the other hand was much refreshing =D

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