Saturday, 7 February 2015

07022015 Lunch at Oyster King, The Gardens

Went to Mid Valley with my family just for fun and to walk-about in a mall. Family decided to have lunch at Oyster King - we haven't had oyster-dishes in a while now.

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A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

Taste wise - it's pretty delicious! I thought they'd be too commercialize that the taste would be plain, but it's good enough to get me to come back again to order another plate of Oh Chien and the lala Fried Rice set! I'd try something else the next round =)

Service wise - they're friendly and not pushy, allowing us to take our time to decide. We're supposed to pay first upon ordering, but the waiter allowed us to the option of paying once we're done with our meals

Environment wise - don't expect too much from this place. It's just next to Ko Hyang, and frankly it's even smaller than Ko Hyang. We managed to find a comfortable spot, as soon as we finished, we felt we had to leave because others were waiting for a place to sit.

Price wise - reasonable and definitely affordable. You can check out their menu here. I don't know about the other outlets, but I find this one to my liking =)

Oyster King,
Lower Ground, The Gardens

On the side note, after our lunch, I went to the PC Expo at the Mid Valley Convention Centre, and found myself a gaming mouse! Best part is that due to it's clearance stock, from what used to be more than RM80 at retail price, I managed to get it at RM19! =D

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