Thursday, 12 February 2015

12022015 Lunch at Kluang Station, QCM

Ya, we're back at QCM for lunch again. We like going to the malls, however, they've got a limited choice of food for us. So, today we're lunching at Kluang Station. Honestly, they're my least favored place for any meal. Only because they lack in taste and consistency.

Chicken Meatball Spaghetti

Yup, as how it looks, the taste didn't differ too much either. In short, taste wasn't worth the price I paid for. The chicken meatballs, was just disappointing (but expected of). The spaghetti tasted as though they've been soaked in water for the longest time. While the environment was nice for lunch, the service was rather slow and poor. The waiters were like out-of-tune robots that barely had any facial expression. I'll be sure to skip this option unless it's the only shop that's opened that day.

The powerpuff girls?

CNY decorations in QCM

Was trying out the zooming of my iPhone 5.
Pretty decent =)

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