Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18022015 Lunch at Gantetsu Tori, QCM

I passed by Gantetsu Tori almost every time when I'm at QCM., but didn't get a chance to try it out 'cause since it's quite small a space, it's easily filled with small numbers of visitors. Since today is CNY eve, there's not many at work today, thus there's lesser people which means good news for me! I went looking around the mall for some new taste - passed by Burger Kaw Kaw (can you believe it for a normal burger set, it can go up to RM20?? @.@), Purple Toast (my team and I tried it once last year and that was the last of it, in our lifetime. Nuff said), and eventually going back to Gantetsu Tori for a meal.

Taste wise - I personally think it's quite salty for the fried Karaage and the miso soup. The rice is like those of sushi-rice grade, but other than that there's nothing much to add up about it, 'cause the portioning was rather small.

Environment wise - as mentioned it's quite small a place though. One look at the shop, and you can see all of its interior. At the time that I dined, there was only me and my colleagues, so it's comfortable enough for us. But if there were more people, it'd be feeling rather cramp, 'cause it's a few inches away from the next tables.

Price wise - if you're on a budget and you want Japanese food, this will not do for you. I think the price is alright, but was it worth it for the taste? Not for me. I'd rather for go to Sushi King or settle for 2 McDonald's lunch set.

Fried Karaage with Rice
RM15.90 (excluding tax) comes with Miso soup;
RM1.00 for Green Tea add-on

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