Wednesday, 4 February 2015

04022015 Late Dinner at Jin Xua Hong Kong Dim Sum, Damansara Jaya

Back to work, and already we're all working our butts off again. Tonight, we got off work rather late for dinner. Looking at my phone, I noticed that it's close to 9PM. My poor colleagues did not even have their dinner on time over the past weeks. I don't know what I'm able to do for them, but I should find a way to get them to have dinner on time. I'll figure out something in the process.

Tonight, I felt like having Dim Sum and brought Min along with me. We were both very hungry! We went to Jin Xua Hong Kong Dim Sum in Damansara Jaya.

Left: Salted Shrimp Scallops
Right: Deep Fried Turnip Cake

Close up of the Salted Shrimp Scallops

Golden (Custard) Buns

Siu Mai

Spareribs Congee

Taste wise - I was pretty disappointed when I took my first bite of the most anticipated Salted Shrimp Scallops. While many have mentioned that it's a must try, I find it lesser than plain. It was definitely salted, but there was no taste of shrimp and if I didn't knew there were scallops there, I probably wouldn't even noticed it. Perhaps this place is too commercialized, because the other dishes that we ordered didn't even meet our taste buds halfway. The congee was the only one that stood out in terms of taste, but I can get better and tastier ones from Ming Tien's Foodcourt. The worst thing a dim sum shop could do is to mess up the sweet sauce, and Jin Xua's DJ's Branch messed it up REALLY BAD!

Service wise - the waiters there were half dead. And the time delivery from paper-order-to-table was too long (15-20 minutes). I was already starving to begin with, and the long-wait I had to endure made it worse. Even the service at the dim sum shop at Jalan Ipoh moves way faster than the waiters here.

Environment wise - it's cool and comfortable, with lots of space between 1 table and another. It wasn't prime time when we had our dinner, so I'd say it's a nice place to be at, for dinner.

Price wise - slightly pricier than the dim sum shops at my area, but for this level of taste, you'll have a better bet anywhere else. I'm just surprised that this shop is still in operation. I wouldn't be going there again, that's for sure.

Jin Xua Hong Kong Dim Sum,
Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya

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