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21022015-26022015 My First Vacation Trip - JeffOng's Travels - Pekan Baru & Selat Panjang, Indonesia - Part 2

Continuation from Part 1. The morning after the fireworks =) Handy asked me to go along with him for a walk in the morning. His initial plan was to go at 7am (Indonesian time), however his plan failed because we only managed to wake up at about 9am due to sleeping in quite late the night before. I didn't expect his "walk" to be part of a CNY parade town.

Choi San Yeh aka God of Fortune

Minion to join in the parade too? lol xD

It's the year of the Ram / Goat, so most definitely must have them around!

But what's this strange looking Dorae-alien-mon?
Just weird..

There's even a slim Pooh!

Ram / Goat being toured around town!

Ne Zha aka God of Protection

I don't know who these guys are, but I'm pretty sure they represent prosperity, status and longevity.
They should be Fu, Lu and Shou gods.

I don't know this, but it reminds me of KL, hahaha =D

And this too!

Her dress was too simple, but still nice to look at =D

Then there's some student parade as well

Octopus! I don't know why it's part of the celebration.
Handy mentioned something about it, but I can't recall it.
If anyone knows of it, please let me know

The earlier pictures were of Entertainment parade.
After that was the start of the Celebratory/Religious parade

They carried this thingamajig from one temple to another.
I have no idea what it's called.
Handy said it will bring luck and fortune to those who hold it.
I held it and caressed touched it for a while, so I'm hoping that works too!

The pace was very fast for me! I was eventually left behind.
As you can see it being blurry, it's because of firecrackers being played at the time of parade!
Nearly every shop had their own set of firecrackers!

This video might be quite loud, so best you'd play it with earphones on.

I watched the thingmajig get carried into the temple

.. and placed down carefully.
And then a huge crowd surrounds it, while some chant some Chinese prayers.

I just had to #wefie with Handy!

Then this guy came out and swung his 'weapon' and said something..
and then moved on to the next temple.
There's surely a lot of temple for a small town!
If not mistaken, Handy mentioned there's at least 22 temples on this island, wow!

And I don't know this at all, I just found it very eye-catching!

Reason? 'Cause many pretty girls were taking picture with it, LOL xD
No I don't know them, but Handy does =P

I scooted off from the parade, while Handy continues on his journey with the others.
I couldn't stand the smoke, was sweating terribly and coughing badly.
So, I headed over to the nearest cafe, Jenny Cafe

Handy was joined by Doraemon towards the end of the parade.
They came to Jenny Cafe to meet up with me, and after a while we went to walk around the town
Saw this most interesting dog!! =D

Coconuts of such size are rather cheap here, it's roughly about RM2 per coconut?

No, although that hand is hairy, that does not belong to me.
That is Handy applying some healing powder on Doraemon's (I STILL CAN'T REMEMBER HER NAME!!) hand
Apparently, she had a bad cut the day before and it's very itchy

I don't know what powder Handy uses, but it seems like it was working well.
She felt a slight warmth and itch at first, after that it became very soothing.

While the two were busy playing patient and doctor, I couldn't help it but to keep this.
I forgot what it's called, but it's darn good!

Saw this picture of Handy at a ASUS event.
Funniest picture of him, EVER!
He claims that his brother Photoshop-ed that picture because his eyes were closed at the time of the picture taken.
HAHAHA xD Can't stop laughing when I see this!

I finally got my change to be part of the water splashing parade!! =D
Awesomeness Max!
Imagine going around town with Becak (aka pedicab) and splashing water at participating audience?
Thumbs and toes up!!
The town people here say this is way better than that of Bangkok's!

Looks ugly, but surprisingly it's actually quite nice!
Pisang Molen akan Banana (Roll) Fritters by the roadside

Here's Doraemon and Me!

Then, it was time to head back and chillax~

Without realizing it, it was already our final night in Selat Panjang, as we have the return to Pekan Baru the following day by ferry, in which will take roughly 14-16 hours journey (in short, overnight trip across waters). Now, before I continue on, I must say Handy painted somewhat a "good" impression of the ferry or "Titanic" as he calls it. Either he forgotten what happened to that ship, or he was trying to scare my hairs out of my body. Whichever it was, I couldn't be bothered as I was still as excited as I were at day-1. I was looking forward to adventures!

Loh Mie - tasted very uniquely different than the ones back in Malaysia, in a good way.
But the folks I ate mentioned that I could get a better-tasting one in Pekan Baru.

This made me think, Selat Panjang's food was supposed to be better than Pekan Baru,
however, even Handy said that Pekan Baru's food is way better tasting although it's slightly pricier.

Handy's friends joined us for breakfast, or rather we met up for breakfast.
The little prince, is a very fussy boy. He can't sit still, but if shown the iPad with his favorite movie, Despicable Me,
he'll be able to sit down so quietly without a sound.
If his dad touched blocked his vision, he'll push his dad away.
A boy with some attitude =D

(Silhouette-sort-of?) Panoramic view from the inside of the nameless-restaurant

Paroramic view from back of the nameless-restaurant

After breakfast, we parted ways. Handy and I went shopping for the afternoon's departure (by ferry) to Pekan Baru.
Saw this "Dutch Lady" like milk boxes, but when I looked up-close, it's a different brand.
Perhaps it's a different name? Not sure, but I didn't proceed with the milk boxes anyway.

Went back to Handy's parents' place and Handy saw the raw Tempeh cut only halfway.
He offered to help his Aunt out. Such a good boy =)
I've known him for many years now, and he's one of the best guy around!

He's good at cutting!
If it were me, you'd be seeing significant different sizes (>.<")

Handy's Aunt was preparing for school reopening so that she can resume her business.
She sells food to the students in the local schools.

Look at 'em prawns and fishes!

The ferry.. say what??
Yup this was the ferry that we're boarding!
Behold, the Jelatek!

Panoramic view of the pier.
Oops sorry bro!

Panoramic view of the pier's other side

View from within the Jelatek ferry

The tickets were quickly sold out, but thanks to Handy's dad, we managed to get ourselves a pretty good spot!
In those orange colored plastic bags, are our food and snacks to last us 14-16 hours =D

Panoramic view of Jelatek's interior

Panoramic view of Jelatek's interior, other side 

Gotta #wefie before we start our journey =D

And of course, don't forget to #selfie!
(yes, I actually know that # doesn't mean anything in a blog, but who cares =P)

The view from our "window"
If you're wondering why there's a paper box there hanging out the "window", the next picture will explain it...

the seasoned Jelatek-travelers will know that devising the cardboard boxes in such way,
will allow the wind to flow in as the ferry moves.
Smart move eh?

Here's what I see when I'm resting flat on my back with my head lifted up.

Turn my head to the left and here's what I see.
Handy laughing away, looking at my expression of disbelief what Jelatek and Titanic is.

Busy man he is, still receiving calls while away from business.
See what I mean? Usually he doesn't step away from his business.
But for a bro, he does it. He took 1 week off from work.
Well, not quite OFF work, but he's away from his desk, if you know what I mean.

Swapped positions, both of us let our feet enjoy some wind..

there's some bromance happening in Jelatek! lol xD

Nice view as sun begins to set.
By the way, if you noticed the girl with the ponytail, well she's just "next door" =D

I see a number 3 in the sky!
What do you see?

Not quite the sunset picture I was looking for, but it still looks great!

This picture is almost like I'm at the shore =)

Look up from the "window" and I can see the crescent moon =)
See, I'm not faking about the whole cardboard-box-wind-trapper thing =D

Night time approaches, some did their prayers.
Might not look like there's much of a space, but they know how to deal with it.
These are men of strong faith and beliefs! #respectmuch

There's a B&W version of this in my Instagram.
We look like refugees on the run xD

We slept very little in the ferry as we could not get used to the squeaky sound of the wooden bed. I was on alert as I worry that our belongings might be taken away if we were to be sound asleep. Also, we met new friends, Husnul & Amy, two funny and very loving sisters. Husnul is an aspiring accountant and Amy is cheerful flight attendant! Felt like I had a responsibility to watch over them, to ensure they're alright as well.

Picture taken right before we left Jelatek.
*good job Jeff*
Meet our new friends, Husnul & Amy! =D

Husnul & Amy shared with us the seafood which is easily found at their hometown, Rangsang Island
Looks familiar? Handy and I ate them for the previous day's lunch!

Kepiting aka Crab at Rangsang Island!

Jelly fish too!

Starfish! They get to see this all the time at Rangsang Island

After we came back to Pekan Baru, we headed back to Handy's house and rested.
But not long after that, our stomachs were calling out for food.
Sate was on my list of things to eat in Pekan Baru before leaving for KL.

We came to a place of highest recommendation by Handy's family.

They served one of the best Sate in town!

Then, we stopped by a cake shop, in which Handy say serves the best cheese cake in town!

Their cakes looks pretty good too!

This cake is just plain sweet =)

They have Rainbow cake too!

Panoramic view of the shop's interior

Triple Cheesecake!
I took this to eat at the airport, they are so delicious and cheese-rich!

Nutella Hokkaido
This was super sinful~~ (>.<")

Remember my luggage from day-1?
Hahaha this is what happen to it =P

I was resting while waiting time to pass by =)

This is me saying good bye to Handy & Family!
It's been nice to be with you! Handy and his family has been so kind and warm to me!
They're my Indonesian family =)

Went to airport a little earlier, so that I can avoid rushing at the last minute.
Saw this Airport Officer playing Candy Crush much earlier at the machine.
Boy he must be bored =P

Alright, this is the last shot of Indonesia, before I take off!

Looks like I'm in a jungle eh? =D
I finally reached KLIA2!
The wallpaper is really nice actually!

Hello Malaysia once again! How have you been?!

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