Saturday, 21 February 2015

I'm Ready For My 1st Vacation Ever!

2015 marks the first time I actually go on my very first personal vacation! Yea, in all the years that I've been working (actually even when I was in college), I hadn't gone for a vacation myself - well, family and corporate trips are not considered as personal vacation.

Initially, I was scheduled for a Taiwan and Bangkok trip this year, but due to some reasons, those went down south and have been called off. Luckily, I managed to slot in a trip to Pekan Baru, Indonesia to meet up my buddy, Handy! He'll be taking me around =) I've known Handy since the start of college days. We then studied, graduated and eventually went on to working together. This will be the first time ever visiting him as well, after all the years that I've told him "I'll come visit one day!" The day has arrived and I'll be going there in a short few hours. And I'll be away for 6 days!

All black?

I brought plenty of colors with me =D

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