Wednesday, 11 February 2015

And I'm Back to Work!

It didn't take me long to keep me down! =P I'm back to work, with lots of things to follow up on. Before I went to work, I needed breakfast. However, for some reasons I lack the skills to make good and consistent breakfast.

Look what happened to my supposedly half boiled egg!

Fortunately for me, I 'pre-ordered' breakfast as well (Actually, I kinda 'stole' it from someone, try guessing who that someone is)! I prepared a spoon to bring to office.

Radish soup with meat and potato!
Thank god for this! Otherwise, I'd be going through the drawers of junk food again! Ahhh, isn't it nice to have a friend and colleague that cooks? =P So, as you can tell, I'm good at what I do - work and eat =D

Oh guess what I found awaiting my return, at the office?

Ha! My very first uniquely-named credit card!

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