Sunday, 15 February 2015

First Words of the Day (Guess Who) and Ang Pow & Movie Time with Mum, of the Year!

You know what and how great friendship starts with? Small talks. And it goes a long way, I strongly believe. I used to have issues with small talks - if I don't have an agenda with you, I find it purposeless to start a conversation, what more with small talks. However, as time passes by (although time files, you don't have to wait for a long time, I assure you) the number of people who will stay will change, either increasing or reducing pattern, and in my case it's the latter. I understand how it feels like to start off with many peers and slowly having to realize that it's not a growing number either. But I found, ever since I learned about small talks, I no longer have to worry about that anymore. Long time friends, old buddies, new friendship, or buddies yet to be - I can have them all now =) Nothing fancy really, here's one of the chat I have:

First words of the day =D

Woke up today with a surprise from mum (actually it came from my ex-neighbor) - I got my first Ang Pow (red packet) of the year! Woohoo! I know I said it doesn't matter if I receive it or not, however whenever I do get it, I have this tingling feel of excitement inside me! I guess I have to admit, I still have a little boy in me who gets excited ever so easily =)

Mum had received two (2) free movie tickets, compliments of TGV's Movie Club. It's a pretty neat membership package by TGV, which includes two (2) free movie tickets and a regular popcorn set upon signing up and another two (2) free movie tickets and a regular popcorn set (what, again? Are you kidding me?!) on your birthday. The other benefits of the TGV Movie Club are exclusive invitations to special screenings, advanced move tickets in which you can buy ahead of others, and earn MovieMoney from purchases from TGV (online and over-the-counter). How much does this membership cost? Only RM28 (that's RM7/movie ticket + benefits), but for the prosperous month of February, it's being offered at RM25 (that's RM6.25/movie ticket + benefits). No brainer right? =D
(note: this is not a sponsored post; I just felt like sharing this, after calculating out the benefits for myself)

Tickets for two, for Triumph in the Skies

I haven't watched movies with Mum since a long time ago. And after sorting out my stuff much earlier, we decided to catch a movie together. Mum liked (if not loved) the TVB drama series, "Triumph in the Skies", so naturally this would be our pick since there wasn't much selection at that point of time.

I'd suggest anyone to watch if, but specifically for couples, haha =D It was a little awkward for Mum and I, 'cause nearly everyone else in the movie hall were couples. The movie was alright, very funny and I love the videography of film. However, I did think they overused the color-filters a tad bit too much. In my opinion, I don't think the places they film was ever that colorful, even though I've not been there before. But, it was fun through-out the film. Sammy Cheng's voice is still as good as ever~! And Captain Jayden aka Captain Cool is super cool! I don't know how he keeps his looks, dangamit! LOL

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