Thursday, 19 February 2015

19022015 First Day of CNY

Annually, my family will visit our relatives for morning breakfast. It's the relatives from my grandmother's side of the family. I don't quite remember the names of each and every relative of mine, so every year I've to do my best to remember their names for the particular moment. I rarely interact with my relatives because I'm the only one of the my age - there's either my younger cousins or aunties and uncles. The generation gap is quite significant though; I can only chat at minimum level and then it just go awkward with them, hahaha =D

Tadah~~ Pomelo!

Our annual breakfast tradition !

Noodles, cucumbers and sausages!
Not to forget, the black coffee!

Panoramic view of the morning gathering

After lunch, I had to run off to complete my agenda - to buy a gift for my buddy, Handy before I meet him on Saturday - in Pekan Baru, Indonesia!

First stop, Puchong IOI Mall to find the Gorilla-pop-up-thingamajig! My sis kept thinking it was 1Utama that I bought it previously, and my mum was confused as to where it was bought. I trusted my hunches and went forth to find it at the Puchong IOI Mall. And indeed I found it there!

this is of course a pirated version of the Pirate-pop-up-thingamajig haha

On our way to exit the mall, I saw the CNY decor at the concourse area. I was quite puzzled as the animals displayed were of ram sheeps rather than goats. Then, my sis told me that this year's zodiac in Chinese, Yang,  can actually mean sheep or goat.

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Next to go to Sunway Pyramid ('cause it's nearby) to get Handy the dried meat and meat floss which he wanted. Specific brand he chose, only because his family likes it - Bee Cheng Hiang. So, off I went to find it =)

After that it was time for lunch! I saw a TGIF flyer that was pretty attractive - lunch for two at the price of RM45.90++ So, my family and I decided to have our lunch there.

We're given a choice to select 1 starter and 2 main dishes at RM45.90 (excluding tax) with options of bottomless drinks at RM9.90 and ice cream dessert at RM10.

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We walked passed by Caffe Bene and saw the desserts on the poster. My mum and sis were immediately tempted by Caffe Bene's dessert - Triple Chocolate Fondue. Even though we're tired, but there's no stopping the ladies to get their desserts, hahaha.

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