Sunday, 1 February 2015

31012015 EcoWorld Starlight New Year Concert 2015

I got to know of this event through Von, who then offered to help me get a free ticket to the event. Well, it's a free event, however there's a limited number of tickets. And so, we got the free standing tickets.

To be honest, Von and I were only excited because of Lee Hom =) I've never heard of the other performers - Daniel Craven, Najwa & Melody. When all of us reached there, the concert started late, and on top of that it was a very dull start. Daniel's stage act was not something I'd expect of a Las Vegas performance. Najwa sang good songs, but not very powerful delivery; even worse, she stood still while singing a song that should have been accompanied by stage movement. Melody, on the other hand, started lifting up the atmosphere, not only with her powerful vocals but also her actions on stage had our eyes focused on her. She also showed us that she has a range of voice from squeaky creepy to loud and powerful (I prefer the latter).

It wasn't until the very end (as anticipated), that Lee Hom showed up and boy was the crowd on their feet! Luckily, the host reminder all of us remain seating as they were afraid accidents and injuries might happen if we were to stand, during his performance.

The event promotion flyer

Min was my co-driver on the 65KM ride from PJ to Ecoworld Majestic, Semenyih.
Why was she shocked? 

Waze has led us through village roads, and along the way,
we were seeing cows and goats!
Wouldn't you start to panic?

When almost reaching the venue (this is 60KM after),
we got hungry and decided to stop for food.

Yup, we had pizza! And cheezy wedges!

When we finally reached the place, we had to take a bus to the actual location.
We brought all our food on the bus and continue nom-ing them.

The weather was so good!
The concert is held outdoors, thankfully it's a little breezy =)

I even managed to catch the sunset!
With very limited time, this was the best shot I managed to capture.

We found Jess & Stephen already at the concert place waiting for us.
It was rather tough to find them, as there were at least a few thousand people at that moment.

We got one of the best "seats" in the concert, thanks to Jess & Stephen (and their friends)

Here's Jess making funny gestures while Stephen's posing for a picture!

The moon was already bright even before the sky turn dark

the 180 degrees panoramic view from where I was sitting to behind me.

Von finally arrived and joined us, after being caught up in a jam for hours!
Thankfully it was about an hour before Lee Hom started his performance

I wasn't interested in Daniel or Najwa's performance.
When Melody came out, she stunned the crowd with her loud voice and familiar song - Frozen!

There were even fireworks!

Finally, it was Lee Hom's turn to shine!

He made the crowd roar so loud, I had to close my ears when they did.

His voice is still as clear as ever! Love his presence on stage, entirely different energy!

And he looks super good on screen!
He's 12 years my senior, and yet he looks as young as I am!
Btw, this close up shot reminds very much of  his most recent movie, Blackhat.
If you haven't watched that movie, be sure to read my comments first before doing so.
Don't say I didn't give you the heads up =)

And of course, fireworks to welcome the new year!!

Jess insisted that her hand should be in this picture, along with the fireworks

Selfie with fireworks!
The fireworks went on quite a while.. and after 5 minutes..
I sorta got bored with it..

Min noticed what I was doing and wefie-d along!

An achievement unlocked!

"Attend Lee Hom's concert"

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