Sunday, 1 February 2015

01022015 Dinner at Ko Hyang, The Gardens

It's the first day of February! Ahh, so quickly did January just passed us by! Went to do shopping for the team at Aeon in Mid Valley Megamall. I always wondered what will happen if I didn't volunteer to buy the food, but in order to find out that answer, is to take the risk of losing at least 1 month's worth of refreshment for the team. That is one thing I cannot afford to let happen =)

But guess what I found?

Moving on, for dinner, I decided to have Korean meal. Honestly, I've not had so many Korean meals previously. But my makan buddy, Min is really into it, and thank God she knows what to recommend to a person, like me, who doesn't eat spicy food.

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Taste wise - It's alright, but I think there's much room for improvement. Perhaps the other dishes with Kimchi are good, but the one I ate was rather watery in its sauce. What I saw on TV, and papers is definitely way thicker than this. Perhaps it's just me, but you might want to consider ordering other dishes instead of it, to save yourself the time.

Environment wise - It's rather cramp, so if you're looking for a comfty place, this is not a place you wanna be at. Only because it's a small lot, but they've set up many tables and chairs to maximize the seating for that they can have as many customers as they could. But it's clean and the waiters are rather punctual in their service so it's alright.

Price wise - I think it's about the same as most Korean meals. So there's nothing much to compare or say on this. If you're on a budget meal, this is will not be an option for you.

Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
The Gardens Mid Valley City
LG K-05, Lower Ground Floor

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